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How the Skills of a Nurse Include Patient Education

Learn more about how patient education is an important part of a career in nursing and how you can earn your Master of Science in Nursing from online nursing schools.

Providing effective patient care is just part of the range of skills of a nurse, and in today’s nursing careers, it’s important that nurses also teach patients how to care for themselves. From helping patients living with chronic conditions to showing new moms how to feed and bathe their babies, nurses must ensure that their patients leave a doctors office or hospital prepared to continue care at home.

Much of a nursing education today centers on the important role of patient education. Find out more about how nurses can help patients have better health outcomes, and how you can make the transition from a registered nurse with a BSN to a nurse who holds an MSN when you enroll in a nursing degree program through an online nursing school.

How the Skills of a Nurse Include Patient Education

Leadership in Nursing Through Patient Education

Nursing schools have not always focused on teaching students how to educate patients about their own healthcare, but in today’s hospitals and doctors offices, nurses are increasingly expanding their role as patient educators.

From the time patients enter a hospital or doctors office, they’re likely to experience a steep learning curve regarding their own health. Upon a patient’s admission, a nurse plays a key role in educating him or her about a condition or illness, offering symptom assessment and explaining a medical diagnosis. During this time, a nurse must speak in terms that a patient will understand rather than relying on medical jargon and professional shorthand, which many patients won’t understand.

Once a nurse has helped admit a patient into care, education and support continue through clear communication about the next steps involved in treatment. Here, it is important that nurses take the time to explain what comes next, answer any questions, and listen closely to concerns. In cases where language or cultural barriers exist, they must take steps to ensure the patient understands the prognosis and care plan, offering it in the same polite and compassionate manner as all other patients receive.

A nurse’s work as an educator continues as he or she prepares patients for discharge. Some patients may see a full recovery with no need for follow-up, while others will need to continue care for a chronic condition or ongoing injury at home with medication, treatment, physical therapy, or outpatient procedures. In either case, patient education is crucial at the time of discharge—a nurse must emphasize the importance of sticking to a recovery plan and care regimen to help ensure a patient is not readmitted.

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