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How many years does it take to earn a master’s in public health degree?

Pursuing any sort of health-related degree can be intimidating—particularly because of the time you have to invest in it. But, with the right program and the right mindset, you can earn a master’s degree in public health (MPH) in just a couple of years. Just ask Angela Cartwright. “For me, it took about two years to get a master’s degree in public health,” says Angela, a graduate of Walden’s online Masters of Public Health program.

The time spent pursuing an online MPH could well be worth it. Forbes recently ranked Master of Public Health degrees among the top 10 graduate degrees to pursue—tied with nursing at No. 6—and predicted a 30.5% employment increase over the next decade.

Interested in pursuing an online degree in public health or a degree in health sciences? Find out if Walden University has the program for you.