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Meet Shekesha Robinson—a Proud Walden Graduate From Philadelphia

See what one Walden grad has to say about her experience and how she’s using her degree to advance positive social change.

Walden University is proud to be the choice of more than 196,000 students and alumni who are looking to make a greater impact in their professions and communities. One such graduate is Shekesha Robinson, a Philadelphia native who earned her BS in Political Science and Public Administration from Walden in 2013. We recently sat down with Shekesha to learn more about her Walden experience and how she’s using her college degree to further positive social change around the City of Brotherly Love.

Shekesha Robinson

How are you connected to the Philadelphia area?
I was born and raised in Philadelphia. I moved to Montgomery County in 2013, which is right outside of Philadelphia.

What was your initial motivation for earning your degree?
I was six months pregnant with twins when I graduated from high school. I was accepted to a local university, but I found it too difficult to go to college with two babies to care for and decided to drop out. However, I promised myself I was going to get my degree—it was my dream, and I refused to be just another statistic. I held on to that dream until 2011 when I enrolled at Walden. I graduated cum laude in 2013 with my BS in Political Science and Public Administration—the same year my twins graduated from high school.

Why did you choose Walden?
I knew the only way that I could complete my degree was to attend online. By the time I enrolled at Walden, I was a mother of four and working full time. I was looking for a reputable university that was flexible, supportive, affordable, and catered to adult learners. I chose Walden because it checked all the boxes. I quickly became part of a community of adult learners who had families, jobs, and other responsibilities. We could relate to and encourage one another because we all were on the same journey.

How did Walden help you achieve your goals?
The guidance I received from Walden’s student support services helped me to stay focused and reach my goals. Faculty members were helpful and understanding. They always gave timely feedback and were there to assist with any questions or concerns I had. Since courses are asynchronous, I was not required to log on at specific times. I could study or complete assignments early in the morning before I got the children up for school, at lunch, or after I put the kids to bed. It can be difficult to juggle school, work, and family life. Walden made all these challenges manageable.

How are you using your Walden education today?
I currently work in human resources, managing the workers’ compensation program for the largest healthcare system in Delaware County, Pennsylvania—four hospitals and physicians’ offices with over 6,100 employees. I also manage the employee return-to-work and transitional duty programs. My role requires that I attend workers’ compensation depositions on the employer’s behalf and participate in mediations and settlement negotiations. I provide guidance and support for managing employees on workers’ compensation to supervisors and administrators. I am currently handling all the workers’ compensation COVID-19 claims to ensure that the medical needs of our essential workers are taken care of.

Are you involved in your community in any way?
Yes, I serve on two commissions just outside of Philadelphia in Upper Dublin Township: the Historical Commission and the Human Relations Commission (HRC). The Upper Dublin Historical Commission aims to foster awareness and appreciation of our community’s history, encourage the preservation of local resources, and offer information and assistance to residents and owners of commercial and residential properties. HRC works to eliminate discrimination and harassment through education, communication, mediation, and community outreach. The commission handles complaints filed in regards to the prohibition of discrimination in housing, commercial property, employment, and public accommodations based upon a person’s protected class, including race, religious creed, ancestry, age, sex, gender identity, national origin, handicap, disability, and more.

Would you recommend Walden University to others?
I enthusiastically recommend Walden to anyone who is interested in returning to school to earn their college degree. Walden is a solid university that prepares its students for the real world. The aspect of social responsibility is more important than ever in today’s global climate. Attending Walden helped me realize my duty as a member of my community, which is why I now sit on two boards. I want to make a positive impact in my community, and Walden gave me the confidence I needed to set new goals and aim even higher.

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