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What Are the Benefits of a Fast-Track MBA Degree?

Fast-track programs offer a new way to earn a master’s in business administration.

According to a report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 2020 Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduates are projected to earn starting salaries of $70,043 annually, which is more than $20,000 higher than the average salary projection for 2020 bachelor’s degree graduates.1 The opportunity to earn more makes an MBA degree quite attractive. But if you’re like many working adults, you’re not only thinking about how much you can make with an MBA; you’re thinking about how much time you’ll have to devote to earning a master’s degree.

In the past, earning a master’s of business administration was a two-year commitment at minimum, which typically required you to spend multiple days or nights a week on campus. And if you wanted to attend one of the top MBA programs at the best business schools, you had to pick up your life and move to be close to your program. But now, there’s a more convenient way to earn a business administration master’s: a fast-track MBA. 

What Are the Benefits of a Fast-Track MBA Degree?

Here’s what makes a fast-track MBA unique and so beneficial to people like you:

A Fast-Track MBA Can Save You Time

As the name implies, a fast-track MBA is designed to make earning an MBA degree faster—typically in just 12 months. That’s because fast-track programs let you double up on your coursework, giving you the ability to complete your degree in half the time it would normally take. And the MBA is particularly well-suited for doubling up on courses, given that it brings together multiple business disciplines, functioning like a business administration degree and management degree rolled into one. 

A Fast-Track MBA Can Potentially Save You Money

Completing your MBA degree faster means spending fewer terms enrolled in school, which can mean spending less on your degree. If you keep up with your fast-track courses, you could save yourself money. 

A Fast Track MBA Can Save You from Hassle

One of the other great benefits of a fast-track MBA degree is that you can earn one through an online university. In an online MBA program, you don’t have to worry about packing up your life to be close to a campus. In fact, earning an MBA online doesn’t require you setting foot on a campus at all. Instead, you can complete your coursework right from home or from anywhere else you have internet access. Plus, an online MBA will let you choose when in the day you complete coursework, giving you the freedom to arrange your school schedule around your existing work schedule.

Whether you’re already a business manager or are simply considering going into management, a fast-track MBA can make furthering your education and expanding your opportunities more feasible. It combines a faster schedule, the potential for lower costs, and all the advantages of online education. In short, it can be just the stepping stone you need. 

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