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Transformational Leadership: How to Take Your Team to the Top

When done right, transformational leadership can be one of the most effective leadership styles.

We’ve all had that boss. The one who’s constantly standing over our shoulder, telling us what to do, and rejecting anything that’s not their idea. Such bosses have adopted a type of leadership that alienates employees. Maybe they think it’s effective, but if you’re considering advancing or starting a career in management, you would be much better off embracing leadership traits that inspire—rather than irritate—your employees.

You may want to adopt the principles of transformational leadership.

Transformational Leadership: How to Take Your Team to the Top

What Is Transformational Leadership?

Transformational leadership is a leadership style designed to unlock the full potential of any team you’re leading. Instead of expecting you to micromanage, the transformational leadership model asks you to trust your team to take control and find the best paths toward the goal at hand. When done well, transformational leadership can inspire teams to embrace creativity and give their absolute best.

How Does Transformational Leadership Work?

At its core, transformational leadership is about leading in an inspirational manner. While some leaders may have natural leadership qualities that help them inspire teams, transformational leadership is designed to help anyone become more inspiring and motivational. The basic steps of transformational leadership include:

Establishing a Meaningful Vision
Where is the company going? How will your team help with the journey? The better you can answer these questions, the more your team will feel part of something large and meaningful. But establishing the vision isn’t just up to you. The entire leadership team should work together first and then share the vision with employees, painting a big picture that’s as exciting as it is compelling.

Keeping the Vision Front and Center
It’s easy to get bogged down in the details of a single task. As a leader, your goal is to make sure the team doesn’t lose sight of the overall vision. This doesn’t mean hanging some inspirational posters on the wall; it means working with your team so they see the larger benefit in everything they’re doing.

Setting a Good Example
Since one of the primary objectives of transformational leadership is to promote creativity and enthusiasm, you need to model the qualities inherent in both. To encourage creativity, openly question the status quo and embrace original thinking in your own role. To keep enthusiasm high, approach problems with the attitude that they’re opportunities to discover and create. And through this all, act with integrity, which will engender the sense of trust your team needs to feel confident in trying new ideas.

Focusing on Employee Growth
For your team to flourish, you need to give each team member individual attention. Establish a robust system of feedback and discussion, whereby employees can come to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses while you come to fully understand their goals and needs. You want to be more than a manager; you want to be a coach, helping the individuals on your team grow in ways that benefit both them and the company.

How Can You Develop the Right Leadership Skills?

Leadership development requires learning and practice. And while some companies offer leadership training, many of the best leaders go a step further and earn a business degree from a top business school. Among the many types of business degrees available, one of the most valuable for up-and-coming leaders is a Master of Business Administration.  

When you earn a master of business administration (MBA) , you can build the knowledge base and skills you need to meet the ever-evolving challenges of a complex world. And becoming a better leader doesn’t require you to put your job on hold. Thanks to online learning, you can earn your MS degree from the convenience of your home—all you need is internet access. And an MBA online program will let you choose when in the day you attend class, so your work and school schedules won’t conflict. 

Thanks to online education, you can gain the qualities of a leader. It’s a great way to enhance your skills and advance your career.

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