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MS in Finance Career Options

With an ever-growing job market for financial professionals in a variety of specialties, a master’s in finance can open doors.

One of the most popular specialized master’s degrees in business, a master’s in finance can prepare students for a broad spectrum of challenging careers in the burgeoning field of finance. Unlike most traditional MBA degree programs, specialized master’s degrees like Walden University’s online MS in Finance degree don’t require years of work experience before you are eligible for admission. In fact, a master’s in finance degree is a smart career strategy whether you’re a recent college graduate or you graduated a few years ago:

  • Career jump-starter for recent college graduates—Instead of job hunting with a bachelor’s degree in business and losing out to candidates with master’s degrees, you can go straight to a master’s in finance program after graduation. A graduate degree can qualify you for better positions and higher salaries within an organization or as an independent financial consultant.
  • Career advancement catalyst for working adults—During your years of working in business, you may have discovered that your real passion is finance. An MS in Finance degree can give you higher-level financial skills for advancement in your current company or for starting a career as an independent consultant.

Dramatic Job Market Growth for Finance Professionals

The demand for financial professionals is outstripping the supply, said Roberto Castaneda, program director for Walden University’s MS in Finance program. “It’s almost as if finance is a hidden diamond in the rough,” he explained. “Never before has demand for a profession increased as exponentially as the finance profession.”

MS in Finance Career Options

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for finance professionals is projected to grow 11% through the year 2026.1 Castaneda outlined three main factors driving growth in the field:

  1. Growth of international companies as well as domestic companies that want to export their products. More companies need finance professionals who work easily in a global marketplace. Financial professionals have an in-demand skill set that transcends borders.
  2. The aging of baby boomers has created a very large segment of the population that needs the sound advice of financial planners to prepare for and enjoy a successful retirement.
  3. Whether the stock market goes up or down, financial professionals can help maintain sustainability.

Career Options for MS in Finance Graduates

As U.S. and global economies continue to grow, so will career opportunities for professionals in the finance field. Walden University’s MS in Finance program can help you prepare for a wide variety of rewarding professional and management positions in corporate finance, investment banking, financial management, financial markets, securities firms, government, and as an independent financial consultant. Walden’s master’s program can also help prepare you for professional certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) or Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). Both certifications enjoy global recognition.

A sampling of finance career options and average median salaries for graduates is listed below based on median salary data for May 2018 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. All salaries quoted do not include bonuses and other forms of compensation that are common in financial professions:1

  • Budget analyst, $76,220
  • Credit analyst, $71,290
  • Financial analyst, $85,660
  • Financial manager, $127,990
  • Personal financial advisor, $88,890

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1Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics: Financial Analysts, Budget Analysts, Credit Analysts, Financial Managers, Personal Financial Advisors. National job growth or salary estimates may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, do not guarantee actual salaries or salary growth, and are subject to change.

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