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Is an online MBA worth it?

More and more business professionals are earning advanced degrees—but not everyone can afford to quit their day jobs. If you can’t commit to a full-time program, but still want to increase your competitive advantage, an online Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree may be the answer. Just ask Twana Goodloe, a graduate of Walden’s online MBA program. “My MBA has enhanced my credibility with people understanding that I do know my job,” she says. “They know you’ve acquired the knowledge you need to lead your department and organization in the right direction.”

For many online MBA degree seekers, the biggest hurdle might be concerns about the challenges of online education. “Deciding to go to Walden was scary for me because of the online piece,” Twana says. “I was used to being in class in front of a professor. After going through the online sessions, I actually like it better.” From the ability to participate in online discussions with fellow students to the easy access, Walden’s online MBA program offered Twana easy access to the quality education she was seeking. “Everything is convenient,” she says, “and that’s what I loved about the online piece.” Hear Twana discuss her online MBA experience in her own words.

Think an online MBA degree is right for you? Learn more about Walden’s online MBA programs and get started furthering your education today.