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Is a Competency-Based MBA Program Right for Me?

This custom-paced learning format offers a flexible way to earn a business administration degree.

As a working professional interested in earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, you may wonder if you have the time to take MBA classes. The answer just might be yes. Earning an MBA online can give you the flexibility to combine school, work, and family life. And earning a master’s degree in a competency-based learning format can give you even more flexibility.


Walden University, a leader in distance education for more than 50 years, offers its Master of Business Administration (MBA) online degree program in the innovative Tempo Learning® format. Is a competency-based MBA program the right choice for you? Consider these features:

  • Tempo Learning® is self-paced: When you earn your MBA degree in Walden’s competency-based learning format, you’re the pacesetter. Speed up when you have more time to spend on your MBA studies and slow down when life dictates.
  • Take control of your schedule: In the competency-based learning format, your online MBA degree program adapts to your style, not a calendar. There are no weekly deadlines.
  • Choose where you work: Outdoors at your favorite coffee shop, indoors in your dining room—you decide. All you need is a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. Walden’s flexible online learning platform supports all of its online degree programs, whether offered in a course-based or competency-based learning format.
  • Demonstrate competencies: In course-based management degree programs, you progress course by course. In Walden’s competency-based learning format, you demonstrate competencies, which are the skills, knowledge, and abilities you’ll need to be successful in your management career.
  • Control your MBA degree costs: When you earn your business administration master’s degree in the Tempo Learning® format, you subscribe to three-month learning periods instead of paying for individual MBA courses. This all-you-can-learn tuition model lets you earn your MBA degree at your own pace. The number of competencies you complete during each learning period is up to you.
  • Chart your time to completion: How long does it take to get an MBA? In the competency-based learning format, that’s up to you. Leana Bowman, who earned her MBA in 2017, says Walden’s competency-based learning format helped her achieve her goal, and quickly: “I went back to school at 51 years old. … Online programs—self-paced ones, such as Tempo Learning by Walden, in particular—really make it possible for anybody to go back to school. I earned my MBA in seven months because I just held my nose and jumped in the deep end and kept plugging away.”

Time to completion varies, of course, based on available time, experience, and personal goals. Walden’s Enrollment Specialists can provide insight into how long your program may take you.

Earn an Online Business Degree

Earning a master’s degree in business administration may be part of your strategy for securing a spot in the C-suite. Or maybe it’s a giant step in your journey toward landing a top leadership role in business, government, healthcare management, postsecondary education, or a nonprofit organization. No matter how earning an MBA fits into your life plans, competency-based education may help you take those next steps.

You can prepare for today’s business and management challenges in Walden’s General Program, which is offered in a competency-based format. Or, if you prefer a more traditional online experience, you can choose from one of four specializations in the course-based format: Human Resource Management, Healthcare Management, Project Management, or Self-Designed.

Tailor your online MBA degree program to your career goals. Walden’s master’s degree program maximizes accessibility, offering features that include Tempo Learning, start-to-finish student support services, Writing Center access, and the MBA Success Planner. Walden’s master’s program also allows you to earn an online MBA without a GMAT.

Walden’s online MBA degree program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, which means your coursework is focused on today’s most in-demand skills. And earning an MBA online lets you use those skills right away.

Once you’ve graduated from Walden’s MBA degree program, you will be prepared to:

  • Evaluate the environment in which businesses operate.
  • Develop well-reasoned, appropriate decisions within a business context.
  • Generate solutions to a variety of complex business scenarios.
  • Effectively employ business-appropriate communication skills.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the skills necessary to work effectively with others in diverse business environments.
  • Evaluate how business administration knowledge and skills enable a variety of stakeholders to contribute to positive social change.

If that’s the career impact you’re looking to make, an online MBA program can help deliver the knowledge and skills. And as a busy professional with a full personal life, you may find that earning an MBA in an online, competency-based learning format is your perfect choice.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program available in course-based and Tempo Learning®  formats. Expand your career options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.

Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,