You want a Master of Business Administration (MBA), but with bills to pay, a job to maintain, and a family to care for, spending the next few years in a classroom isn’t a viable option. If you think time and convenience are standing between you and an advanced degree, then earning an MBA online might be your answer. Just ask Kelly Nolan, a student in Walden’s online MBA program. “I think Walden’s MBA program is a great way for people who are already in the workforce, already have busy lives, to pursue their education, their lifelong learning while continuing to do their jobs,” Kelly says. “We all have such busy lives that having to attend a class, perhaps drive some distance to get there, would be burdensome. In fact, it might make continued education nearly impossible.”

But in an online MBA degree program, students can complete their coursework and study around their hectic schedules. Listen as Kelly discusses the convenience of Walden University’s online MBA program:

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