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Five Ways a Business Manager Can Build Trust With Employees

Online graduate degree programs can help you build the management skills your organization needs to compete successfully in today’s marketplace.

In order for a business to achieve short- and long-term success, its employees must be engaged and performing at their full potential. They must feel that their work matters, their opinion counts, and that they can speak up without fear of repercussions. All of this requires a sense of trust between managers and direct reports. Employees need to feel that management will do not only what is best for the organization but also for the well-being of the workforce.

Trust is an important issue for anyone who aspires to a position in management. It’s also a topic you’ll discuss if you pursue a business degree, such as a master’s in business administration—whether as a full-time, on-campus student or in an online MBA program.

Five Ways a Business Manager Can Build Trust With Employees

There are several ways that managers can build a culture of trust among their team members. Here are five:

  • Try to make a personal connection with your employees. Make an effort to learn about them, and let them know your story. Make it clear they are more than cogs in a machine and that you’re all part of the same team.
  • Tell the truth. Don’t let rumors fester. Be as truthful as you can be about the health of the company, even if it means delivering bad news.
  • Don’t just tell people what to do. Encourage them. Empower them. Give them some autonomy, but also be clear on what your expectations are and how their performance will be measured.
  • Give credit where credit is due. Offer praise for a job well done. And take blame when the fault is yours. Show your employees that you’re all working together toward a shared goal, not just your personal agenda.
  • Avoid favoritism. Trust can erode quickly when employees realize that some of them are being treated differently than others.

The nation’s best business schools offer a wide range of specializations that touch on the issue of trust. You can lay a good foundation for a career in management by earning a business administration degree. To obtain advanced knowledge and skills, research top MBA programs that meet your career goals. Many top schools offer online MBA programs. If you want to continue working while studying for your MBA, online learning is a good choice. You can study at home and manage your coursework in a way that fits your busy schedule.

Walden University, an accredited institution, offers three options for completing your MBA—traditional, fast-track, or competency-based. That means you can complete your online Master of Business Administration degree in a format that best suits your learning preferences and life style. The decision is yours. Regardless of which format you choose, the program provides you with the skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of today’s complex business environment. And it can help you create that all-important environment of trust.

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