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Do You Lead Productive Meetings? How an MBA Degree Can Help

Learn how your management style can make for better meetings and how you can earn your MBA online.

In a recent survey of more than 500 learning and development leaders from North American businesses, more than a quarter of survey respondents reported that their companies were investing more money in learning programs and named developing managers and leaders as their biggest objective.1

Effective business managers are valuable members of today’s top companies, and while having a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can help you on your way, simply earning an advanced business degree does not give you all the leadership skills you’ll need to succeed.

Do You Lead Productive Meetings? How an MBA Degree Can Help

Find out what it takes to be a leader in meetings and how you can earn your MBA online to help you on your way to becoming a stellar leader in management.

How a Business Manager Leads

Meetings can take up a substantial portion of the workday, and without the right person at the helm, a meeting can be downright painful. At their most basic, meetings are a time for coworkers to gather and learn key company or department information, plan ahead, and exchange ideas. A meeting can be much more, though: a time to huddle, to team build, and to pool a team’s talent.

Great meeting leaders know how to make the most out of meetings, and how to transform a conference room into a welcome space for company employees. If you want to lead a successful meeting, consider the following strategies:

  • Prepare. Give your staff members enough advance time to come prepared for the meeting, and be clear about the objective, so your team arrives knowing the reason for the meeting and is ready with any necessary materials.
  • Be on time—and manage the clock. There’s nothing worse than meetings that start late and run long. Business managers who can keep meetings on schedule help employees with a lot on their plates get right back to work.
  • Make it a two-way street. Your management style should include both leading and listening. Staff meetings won’t be successful if you’re barking commands, policies, and rules at your team. Use meeting time to both share your own ideas and observations and to take in those of your staff members, and don’t be afraid to pass the mic to those on your team who feel ready to lead too.
  • Remember, less can be more. Meetings can eat up a significant chunk of the work week, leaving staff members less time to do their work. Constant huddles don’t always yield better results. Know when to meet, and when not to meet. This will give your team less meeting fatigue and more time for you to plan the best way to use your time in the conference room.

Prepare to Lead With a Business and Management Degree

Whether it’s in the conference room or in the board room, business managers can excel with both the right skills and the right education. If you’re ready to reach for that next level in management and want to boost your career, earning your Master of Business Administration degree from Walden University can help get you on your way.

Walden stands out among universities with online graduate degree programs in business by offering a well-rounded MBA degree program designed to help you develop real-world business knowledge and set you up for success. In addition, with Walden’s MBA online program you can choose from several specializations, including Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management, and a self-designed option.

When you enroll in Walden’s online MBA program, you can customize your experience by choosing from traditional, fast track, or competency-based program options, allowing you to complete your degree in as little as one year. Students who have completed coursework in another business degree program could transfer in up to 15 credits, allowing you to pick up where you left off.

If you’re ready to earn your Master of Business Administration degree and become a leader in the business world, learn how an education with Walden University can help you get there.

Walden University is an accredited online college offering a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program with accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Expand your career options and earn your MBA degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.


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