Is a PhD degree worth it? If you want to change your world while you change your life, it can be. “My Walden education has impacted my career tremendously,” says Dr. Jonas Nguh, a graduate of Walden University’s PhD in Public Health program. “Not only did I get career advancement and promotions, but also the opportunity to sit on and serve on professional organizations and boards which means that I now can effect social change at a broader level just beyond my own career.” Hear more reasons why Dr. Nguh earned his PhD:

“My degree means a lot to the patients and students I’ll take care of, because it means I’m much more prepared to impart the knowledge I have gained and implement the vision Walden has instilled in us.”
—Jonas Nguh
Walden University
PhD in Public Health and Bachelor of Science in Nursing
(BSN) Graduate

Walden offers a wide range of online PhD programs in areas that are leading social change such as criminal justice, health services, public policy and administration, and social work. Find the one that fits your goals.