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How Walden’s Faculty Helps You Succeed in Our Online PhD in Psychology Program

Experience our distinctive “scholar-practitioner” approach to doctoral training with a dynamic blend of online classrooms and conferences, face-to-face residencies, Academic Year in Residence, and personalized attention and feedback from faculty.

The doctorate in psychology is one of the most challenging of Walden’s suite of 17 online psychology degree programs. It attracts an exceptional kind of student—and an exceptional type of faculty. Members of the faculty are accomplished practitioners, leading psychology researchers, and experienced online educators who have earned recognition in their field. The doctoral program’s online learning and in-person components provide many opportunities for faculty members to guide and collaborate with students as facilitators of their success.

Doctorate in Psychology Faculty Members Have PhDs

Drawing on their own personal experiences as psychology doctoral students and their deep understanding of the requirements of the online PhD process, your faculty guides you through the dissertation process step-by-step.

How Walden’s Faculty Helps You Succeed in Our Online PhD in Psychology Program

Scholar-Practitioner Model

The scholar-practitioner concept is at the core of the Walden experience. Scholar-practitioners bridge the gap between academia and the real world, blending scholarly research with practical application to address complex problems in their profession. Through Walden’s dynamic learning model, our faculty encourages you to become not just a consumer of information but also a knowledgeable advocate who contributes to the advancement of individuals, organizations, communities, and society as a whole.

As a Walden student, you will receive the training and encouragement to go beyond theory. Our faculty will prepare you to challenge assumptions, pose new questions, and create innovative solutions and strategies that can immediately inform and elevate practices in your field.

PhD Residencies

A requirement for all Walden doctoral students, academic residencies provide the opportunity to connect and collaborate with faculty members and hundreds of your peers. PhD in Psychology residencies are designed to enhance your learning at key points in your academic development. Whether you attend one of our face-to-face residencies held in cities across the U.S. or participate in a virtual residency through Web-based conferences and dynamic online classrooms, you will benefit greatly from Walden’s personalized attention and superior student service.

Academic Year in Residence

The Academic Year in Residence (AYR) is for PhD in Psychology students with Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology specializations. The AYR is in addition to the required PhD residency sequence.

During your AYR, faculty members will facilitate your doctoral training and education through continued personal assistance and guidance. They will evaluate your progress and give you individualized feedback and developmentally focused practical training in a face-to-face setting. Under the direction of faculty members and in concert with your peers, you will focus on honing your research and dissertation skills.

As one of the defining experiences of your doctoral program, your AYR will allow you to develop the critical clinical skills essential for professional practice in psychology—and sharpen your focus on your development as a doctoral student and practitioner-in-training.

Online Psychology Degree Specializations

Choose one of the following specializations, and with support and guidance from our distinguished faculty, focus your doctorate in psychology on the area that interests you most:

What Walden PhD in Psychology Graduates Are Saying

“My education has helped me be more effective in matching people with career opportunities and helping companies develop their employees. Since I work in the field I am studying, I get to apply what I learn at Walden every day. I see myself becoming more and more effective as my knowledge increases.”—David Solot, PhD in Psychology Graduate

Walden’s PhD in Psychology is offered in two formats - traditional online and Fast Track. The Fast-Track Option is for students who wish to complete their doctorate in less time. To take advantage of this option, students take additional courses and begin their dissertation early to expedite their path through the program. The Fast-Track option is currently available for all specializations.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering an online PhD in Psychology program in a convenient, flexible format that fits your life and schedule.

Explore Walden University's online PhD in Psychology program and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your life and schedule.

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