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Doctor of Education – Careers In and Out of the Classroom

EdD jobs are as diverse as those who hold the degree itself. Learn how recent EdD degree graduates are putting their educations to work.

If you’re considering pursuing a Doctor of Education (EdD), chances are you are passionate about educating others or making a difference in your school system, and you’re ready to pursue a practice-related doctoral degree that focuses on professional development you can immediately put to work and use beyond the classroom.

Whether you’re considering campus-based or online EdD programs, you may be wondering what kind of jobs are out there for people who hold a Doctor of Education. Do these positions go beyond the classroom? Do they go beyond administration?


The answer? A resounding yes. An EdD degree can take you down multiple paths to fulfilling positions both in and out of the classroom.

EdD Careers: A Chance to Think Outside the Box

If you devote the time, money, and effort to getting your EdD, jobs for which you qualify should be as interesting as the degree program itself. From corporations and nonprofits to universities, high schools, hospitals, and more, opportunities abound when it comes to Doctor of Education careers.

In fact, the careers you can pursue with your EdD degree are as diverse as the educators who hold the degree:

  • Dr. Katrina Fuller, 2013 graduate of Walden University’s online EdD program, is a director of nursing at a California-based medical college.
  • Dr. Teri Cox, 2011 Walden EdD graduate, is an educational consultant in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Dr. Dorothea E. Gordon, 2011 Walden EdD graduate, is a director of special education for a school district in Texas.

The list of interesting Doctor of Education jobs held by Walden EdD degree graduates doesn’t stop there. Read more about the diverse mix of EdD careers held by Walden graduates.

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