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What Are the Benefits of Online Certificate Programs?

Earning a certificate can enhance your skills and increase your professional credentials.

The number of graduate certificates awarded each year is on the rise.* And there’s a good reason for that: A graduate certificate can help you learn a new skill set and enhance your professional credibility, giving your career a boost—whether you’re looking to change career paths or advance to the next level. Best of all, when you enroll in an accredited online certificate program, you can earn your certificate in a convenient format that fits your busy life. There are many benefits of an online graduate certificate program, including:

Learning In-Demand Skills

Unlike standard graduate degrees, graduate certificates focus on a specific skill or topic within a broader area of study. This gives you the opportunity to acquire expertise within your current field of work or in a new field you hope to enter. Certificates may be available at the graduate, post-master’s, and post-doctoral level, providing you ways to help enhance your professional credentials and improve your chances of success.

What Are the Benefits of Online Certificate Programs?

Universities offer online graduate certificate programs for skill development within a variety of disciplines. Fields of study with one or more certificate programs include business management, communication, education, health sciences, information technology, nursing, psychology, public health, public policy and administration, and many others. Whatever your career, you can likely find an online certificate program focused on an in-demand skill applicable to your line of work.

Preparing for Professional Certification

Professional certifications are one of the best ways to advance your career. Many industries feature a certification process that requires completion of coursework and/or an examination. An online certificate program can help you prepare for certification within your line of work. In some instances, courses within the certificate program can count toward certification.

Giving Yourself a Head Start Toward a Master’s Degree

At some online universities, you can apply credits you earn through your certificate program toward a master’s program within that discipline, saving you time and money down the road. If you’re seeking a career boost now and are considering earning a master’s degree later on, an accredited online certificate program could be the perfect choice for both your career and your future education.

Earning Your Certificate Faster and More Conveniently

If you want to earn a graduate, post-master’s, or post-doctoral certificate quickly and conveniently, an online certificate program can help. Because you will complete coursework online, you can work on your own schedule, from wherever you have Internet access. This format is great for balancing work and family commitments, enabling you to learn new skills without having to travel to a campus and attend classes at designated times.

The benefits are numerous, and online certificate programs can be your path to developing new skills and advancing in your career.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering graduate, post-master’s, and post-doctoral online certificate programs in nine different fields. Many of our master’s programs allow you to apply credits from some graduate certificate courses, which can save you time and money when earning your advanced degree.

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Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,