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Encourage a sense of curiosity in adult learners—and fuel your passion for teaching.

Education is lifelong curiosity. The Post-Master’s Certificate in Higher Education and Adult Learning is designed for professionals who want to inspire and support adult learners.

Piquing the interest of adults is a much different challenge than appealing to younger students. Develop the knowledge to lead successful adult learning programs within higher education institutions, corporations, and other workforce settings.

You will examine adult learning theories, explore best practices for facilitating program planning and assessment, and develop leadership skills to effectively engage and motivate adults to create change across their institutions and workplaces.

Credits from the Post-Master’s Certificate in Higher Education and Adult Learning can be applied toward Walden’s Doctor of Education (EdD) program.


Completion Requirements

  • 20 total quarter credits

This sequence represents the minimum time to completion. Time to completion will vary by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable. For a personalized estimate of your time to completion, call an Enrollment Specialist at 855-646-5286.


Course Code Title Credits
EDDD 8020

Contemporary Issues and Trends in Higher Education and Adult Learning

A critical examination of the history, educational theories and practices, current initiatives, and future directions of higher education and adult learning are explored in this course. Educators will explore the philosophical and social issues that affect meaningful learning of adults in higher education. Education professionals will examine contemporary issues and trends within higher education and adult learning with focus on key topics such as transformative learning, self-directed learning, experiential learning, and critical reflective learning. 

(5 cr.)
EDDD 8021

Understanding the Adult Learner

Unique and distinctive skills are required to engage and teach adult learners. Education professionals will explore adult learning and developmental theory and the wide range of research that supports it, including andragogy and transformation, phase and stage developmental theories, and effects of gender and culture on adult learning. Educators will also be provided with the opportunity to reflect on the relationship of course material with their own experiences as adult learners. Education professionals complete a variety of realistic assignments through which they practice communicating and presenting complex concepts, critique the work of major theorists, apply adult learning and development theories to educational practice, and construct their own positions on adult learning as scholar-practitioners.  

(5 cr.)
EDDD 8022

Leadership of Higher Education Programs for Adult Learners

Effective leadership is the foundation of running a successful higher education or adult learning program. A leader is required to understand the organizational climate, consider the cognitive and social-cultural experience of teams, and effectively communicate a vision while meeting the programmatic goals. In this course, education professionals will learn techniques, tools, and resources to employ effective communication; manage everyday challenges; and address internal and external obstacles that impact program productivity and goals. Education professionals will examine various leadership and management strategies that support the ongoing negotiation and collaboration necessary to direct successful higher education and adult learning programs.  

(5 cr.)
EDDD 8023

Program Planning and Assessment

Higher education institutions and organizations design programs to address the needs of their students, employees, and customers. To ensure the desired outcomes are met, education professionals must develop and implement realistic systems to monitor and assess the effectiveness of the program, determine areas of improvement, and implement the needed changes. Education professionals in this course will engage in the creation of goals and outcomes for a program, design and implement an assessment to determine if outcomes were met, communicate and present data and results to key stakeholders within the organization, and identify strategies for improvement.

(5 cr.)

Tuition and Fees

Curriculum Component Requirements Cost Total *
Tuition 20 total quarter credit hours $605 per quarter hour $12,100
Technology Fee Per quarter $160 $640

TOTAL $12,740

Transfer up to 10 credits $6,370

Total with Maximum Transfer Credits† $6,370

*The tuition reflects the minimum time to completion. Time to completion varies by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable. For a personalized estimate of your time to completion, call an Enrollment Specialist at 855-646-5286.

Tuition and fees are subject to change. Books and materials are not included and may cost $1,000–1,400.

Admission Requirements

Since our certificate programs are offered at different levels, admission requirements vary. Call 855-646-5286 to find out the admission requirements for your certificate program of interest. Exceptions and other requirements may apply, depending on the program you choose. Consult your Walden Enrollment Specialist about admission requirements for specific degree programs. Call 855-646-5286 in the United States or see a list of international toll-free phone numbers.