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What Is Walden's Undergraduate Academy?

This online learning community offers specialized support for first-time adult college students.

College can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time adult college student balancing education with your personal, professional, and financial goals.

That’s why Walden University created the Walden Undergraduate Academy™, an online learning community dedicated to first-time adult college students that builds confidence and helps develop academic and workplace skills.

Here’s how the academy works: First-time adult college students take a set of General Education courses during the first four quarters of their online bachelor’s degree programs. These courses help build applicable, workplace-oriented skills like business writing and communication.


Throughout the experience, students receive extensive support from specially trained advisors and faculty members who understand the unique needs of adult learners.

Other benefits of attending the academy include:

  • Lower tuition – Academy students save a total of $7,1001 through tuition reductions applied over the course of their bachelor’s program.
  • Achievement certificates – Students earn certificates after completing Foundations of General Education (first four courses) and Advanced General Education (second four courses).
  • Peer support – Fellow adult learners participate in the eight foundational courses, creating opportunities for new friendships and networking.

Once students complete the Walden Undergraduate Academy™ coursework, they begin taking classes for their respective online bachelor’s degree programs. Student support continues through Walden University’s academic advising, tutoring, technical support, and Career Planning and Development center. The university also offers a range of online tools and resources to help students thrive.

Ready to get started?

The Walden Undergraduate Academy™ provides the tools that first-time adult college students need to succeed in their online bachelor’s degree programs. With dedicated support, tuition savings, and ample resources, the academy creates a foundation for academic success.

Applying is easy, and there’s no application fee, essay, or SAT or ACT score required for admission. Through the Walden Undergraduate Academy™, you can embark on a new educational journey and achieve your goals in an engaging online format designed to fit your busy schedule.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering a variety of online bachelor’s degree programs. Expand your career options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.

1Tuition reductions are applied to students’ accounts for each of the following amounts and terms: $500 for terms 1–10, $1,100 for term 17, and $1,000 for Term 18.

Tuition reductions are not retroactively applied. Tuition reductions are applicable to tuition only and do not apply toward books, materials, and other supplies or fees needed for a course. Students are responsible for other non-tuition costs, including but not limited to university and program and custom-related fees and taxes. Any tuition reduction will end with any change or completion of current program or start date. Subsequent tuition reductions will be based upon what is being offered at that time. Any unused portion due to a break in attendance will be forfeited.

Walden may change the tuition reduction offered hereunder at any time, but such change will not affect the tuition reduction for students who are currently enrolled at Walden and using the existing tuition reduction. All tuition reductions, grants, or scholarships are subject to specific eligibility requirements. Contact a Walden University Enrollment Specialist for details. Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,