From the classes you'll take to the jobs you can pursue, we discuss the basics of the BS degree.

What Is a BS Degree and What Can You Do With One?Whether earned on campus or online, bachelor’s degrees are an essential credential when looking for a job or making a move in your chosen field. In fact, the lifetime earnings for those who hold bachelor’s degrees typically exceed earnings for high school graduates by 65%.

From acronyms and classes to the type of jobs you can get with a BS degree, we answer some of the common questions about earning a bachelor’s degree.

What is a BS degree?

A BS degree, or bachelor of science, is an undergraduate degree that focuses on fields that are considered science or technology based. Some universities offer bachelor of arts, or BA, degrees in areas that may be considered a science, but this is at the discretion of the institution.

What areas can I study to earn a BS degree?

Earning a BS degree allows you to gain innovative science and technology skills that are highly sought after in today’s job market, from accounting and economics to information technology and engineering to psychology and human services. You can also build your confidence as a writer and improve your overall reading comprehension skills. (View a list of BS degrees.)

What kind of classes will I take in a BS degree program?

Whether you’re pursuing a BA or a BS degree, both on-campus and online bachelor’s degree programs require you to complete a number of core introductory courses in areas such as communication, the social sciences, math, science, and arts and humanities. Once completed, the remainder of your BS degree credits will focus specifically on your field of study, with classes getting more advanced as you continue.

What kind of jobs can I get with a BS degree?

Because BS degrees are so diverse, the jobs you can get with one are equally diverse. Recent BS degree graduates from Walden University are putting their online bachelor’s degrees to work across the country in a range of interesting and varied positions.

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