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Undergraduate Course Load: What’s the Best Fit for You?

Explore the different undergraduate plans that you can choose from when you pursue your online degree at Walden University.

At Walden University, you have options. With bachelor’s degree programs across multiple areas of study, you’ll be able to find a degree program that aligns with both your personal and professional goals. For those at the bachelor’s degree level, Walden offers three different undergraduate pathways. These pathways enable students to select a specific plan based on how many credits they wish to take each term.


Explore the three Undergraduate Pathways that will be available to you when you decide to pursue your bachelor’s degree at Walden.1

Standard Plan
Choosing the Standard Plan allows you to complete your BS degree in as little as 51 months, which amounts to just over four years. At this pace, you will be taking two courses per quarter. It’s the default plan you are enrolled in when you are first accepted into your Walden bachelor’s program. However, you will be able to change to another plan, if you prefer. The Standard Plan is a good choice if you’re looking for a smaller course load spread out over a longer period of time to balance your academic priorities with other commitments.

Forward Plan
By selecting the Forward Plan, you will be on target to earn your bachelor’s in just under three-and-a-half years. When following this plan for the entire duration of your undergraduate program, you will complete three courses per quarter for a total as little as 39 months. However, you do not need to commit to the Forward Plan for your whole program. Instead, you can choose to enroll in this plan for a single quarter or multiple quarters, whichever you prefer.

Advanced Plan
The fastest undergraduate pathway you can choose for your bachelor’s program is the Advanced Plan. In this plan, you can complete your degree in as little as 30 months by committing to taking four courses per quarter. Besides the quicker pace, this path is different from both the Standard Plan and the Forward Plan because it requires approval. Following enrollment, you must demonstrate academic success as you move through one of the other two plans. After, you will need to reach out to a Student Success Advisor to discuss switching to the Advanced Plan. Upon approval, you can enroll in this plan for one or more quarters or the remainder of your bachelor’s program.

The Walden Undergraduate Academy™

Are you a first-time adult college student? The Walden Undergraduate Academy™ offers additional support for those new to the college experience who are just beginning a bachelor’s degree program. You’ll learn alongside other first-time students, completing a prescribed set of General Education courses during the first four quarters of your online program. During this time, you will have the support of specially trained advisors and faculty dedicated to providing you with a strong foundation for continued academic success. You’ll gain new workplace skills and earn certificates of completion for reaching key program milestones. Participating students of the Walden Undergraduate Academy™ also receive two financial incentives—reduced tuition prices for the General Education courses they complete while in the Academy and a grant upon successful completion of their degree program. It’s a great path for first-time adult college students who wish to position themselves for success as they embark on a new educational journey.

Pursue Your Bachelor’s Degree at an Online University Designed for Working Professionals

At Walden, an accredited university, you can earn your bachelor’s online while you continue to work full time. For many, this provides the type of work-life balance they need to be successful in their studies and their personal life. From robust program offerings to undergraduate pathways designed to let you choose your pace, Walden gives you the support you need to gain highly transferable skills you can apply immediately.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering high-quality online degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level, as well as online certificate programs. Expand your career options and earn your degree using a convenient, flexible learning platform that fits your busy life.

Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,

1Time to completion may vary by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable. For a personalized estimate of your time to completion, call an Enrollment Specialist at 855-434-1518.