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Save Time and Money With an Online Bachelor’s Degree

10 ways an online undergraduate degree can help your schedule—and your finances.

From convenience to flexibility, there’s no shortage of benefits when it comes to an online education. But did you know you can save both time and money by pursuing your bachelor’s degree online? Here are 10 ways online undergraduate programs can keep both your schedule and your budget intact.

  1. You can keep your job.
    There’s no need to quit your full-time job to pursue an online bachelor’s degree. One of the many benefits of online education is that your work schedule can remain consistent while you pursue a higher education. You can participate in and complete classes, assignments, class discussions, and more before or after the workday—and the workweek.
  2. You won’t have transportation costs.
    Between gas, tolls, and on-campus parking, transportation costs can add up when you’re earning your bachelor’s degree at a traditional institution. A major advantage of online learning is that you don’t need to travel. In fact, with an online degree program, you don’t even need to own a car.
  3. Childcare isn’t necessary.
    If you have children, you know how childcare costs can add up. Since you can attend class from home, online undergraduate degrees eliminate the need to hire babysitters or drop your kids off at daycare while you’re in class, protecting both your budget and time spent with your family.
  4. Your employer may help with tuition.
    The skills you gain in an online bachelor’s degree program not only benefit you—they benefit your employer. Because of this, some employers offer tuition reimbursement for online degree programs. If you’re unsure whether your organization offers this benefit, ask your supervisor or human resources department.
  5. Your cost of living won’t change.
    Living in a dormitory and eating in a dining hall can be fun, especially for younger students. That said, it can also be expensive. An online bachelor’s degree program eliminates the need to live and eat on campus. You can attend classes for your bachelor’s degree from the comfort of home—or anywhere with an Internet connection.
  6. Schools may offer grants, tuition reduction, and other savings.
    Many online colleges and universities offer grants and other ways to save on tuition for online undergraduate degrees. Walden University, for example, offers more than $60 million in scholarships, grants, and tuition assistance—including assistance for active-duty U.S. military and veterans—to help students finance their online degrees.
  7. You won’t waste time in transit.
    Since online degree programs don’t require you to attend a brick-and-mortar institution, you don’t have to spend time traveling back and forth to class—or sitting in traffic. The time you’d typically spend traveling to class is time you can devote to your undergraduate degree studies.
  8. Receive credit for work experience and prior learning.
    Another time- and cost-saving benefit of online education is that many online colleges and universities offer college credit for work experience and credits earned at other institutions. You can apply those credits to your online bachelor’s degree, helping you graduate faster and spend less on tuition.
  9. Enjoy on-the-go academics.
    Gone are the days of waiting until you’re sitting at your desk to pursue an online degree. From class participation to watching lectures—in a waiting room or in the grocery store line—a key advantage of online learning is that you can pursue your bachelor’s degree on the go from a mobile device.
  10. Office hours aren’t a scheduling conflict.
    Meeting with a professor at a brick-and-mortar institution often requires that you visit in person during predetermined office hours. Online education gives you more flexible access to instructors via e-mail, instant messaging, video chat, and more. The same goes for reaching out to advisors about undergraduate degree programs. Ask a question any time from wherever you are—no in-person meeting required.

Many online colleges and universities also offer ways to earn your bachelor’s degree more quickly through degree acceleration programs. From work and military experience to transfer agreements, you can graduate months, or even years, earlier from your undergraduate degree program.

Save Time and Money With an Online Bachelor’s Degree

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