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5 Ways Uber Is Driving the Competition Crazy

How Uber is Putting Their Business Into Overdrive

Uber has so thoroughly inserted itself into the daily lives of most city dwellers, it's hard to remember that Uber isn't even old enough to get a learner's permit. Founded in 2009, Uber has reshaped the transportation sector.

But did you know the San Francisco company's full name is Uber Technologies Inc.? The company has its eye on a lot more than giving people a lift (and beating Lyft), according to CBC News.1 Here are five things that might spell the future of Uber:


  1. UberEATS delivers meals from local restaurants in dozens of cities around the world. You can pay with your Uber account and track the order's progress, and there's no need to tip.
  2. UberRUSH has stepped in to help businesses, offering fast and convenient delivery when companies need it most. No need to keep a fleet of delivery vehicles idling around the lot when you only have to pay UberRUSH when you need to get your product there.
  3. Uber is up to its fenders in developing self-driving cars. Uber started as a way for people to earn some extra money with their cars, but Uber can make a whole lot more money if it doesn't have to pay human drivers.
  4. UberPOOL takes the Uber model one step further by letting customers ride share with other customers going the same way.
  5. UberHEALTH has experimented with single-day events in which it delivers wellness packs to fight the flu as well as signs people up for nurses to deliver flu shots. UberHEALTH is trying to bring back the house call.

Uber is a classic example of a disruptive innovation. But Uber hasn't settled for disrupting just one industry. Creative thinking like that can keep a business ahead of the pack even as competitors crop up.

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