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Careers With Numerous Job Openings, and How to Achieve One

Discover 10 career paths with healthy job growth during the next decade.

The U.S. job market fluctuates, which means the difficulty of your employment search can depend on when you are looking. The good news is that if you’re flexible in your career path, there are numerous careers with plenty of job opportunities. Pursuing one of these careers could increase your odds of securing a job in which you can grow and excel.


What are these careers?

CareerOneStop, a U.S. Department of Labor-sponsored website, lists more than 800 careers with the greatest number of projected annual job openings between 2016 and 2026. Below are some of those openings that require at least a bachelor’s degree.1

General and Operations Managers

Projected 2016–2026 job opening change: 9%

Annual projected job openings: 210,700

Degree to consider: BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Management

General and operations managers work in both the public and private sectors and are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating an organization’s operations. Their duties include everything from formulating policies to managing daily operations and human resources.

Registered Nurses

Projected 2016–2026 job opening change: 15%

Annual projected job openings: 203,700

Degree to consider: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) Completion Program

Registered nurses assess patients’ health problems and needs, and develop and put care plans into place. They also maintain medical records and administer care to sick, injured, and disabled patients. Registered nurses also can advise their patients on health maintenance and disease prevention, as well as provide case management.

Elementary School Teachers

Projected 2016–2026 job opening change: 7%

Annual projected job openings: 112,800

Degree to consider: BS in Elementary Education

Elementary school teachers provide students with academic, social, and other formative skills—generally at the kindergarten through fifth-grade level. They can teach a variety of subjects, including mathematics, social studies, and science, or a specialty like art, music, or physical education. 

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Projected 2016–2026 job opening change: 23%

Annual projected job openings: 77,100

Degree to consider: BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing

To help businesses determine how well their product or service will perform, market research analysts will research market conditions in local, regional, or national areas. They can also collect information on a business’s competitors, along with prices, sales figures, and how they market and distribute their products.

Human Resources Specialists

Projected 2016–2026 job opening change: 7%

Annual projected job openings: 57,600

Degree to consider: BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management

A career in human resources offers a variety of job opportunities. Human resources specialists screen job applicants, recruit prospects, conduct interviews, place workers in positions, handle employee benefits, and more. They may also be responsible for explaining a company’s regulations or policies to new hires. 

Child, Family, and School Social Workers

Projected 2016–2026 job opening change: 14%

Annual projected job openings: 38,300

Degree to consider: Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

As a social worker, you’ll have the opportunity to help improve the social and psychological functioning of children and their families. Social workers can work in numerous settings, including mental health clinics, schools, welfare and community agencies, hospitals, and private practices. A bachelor’s degree in this field will provide a number of opportunities as a social work professional, but a master’s degree is generally required when counseling others.

How to get these jobs

It’s encouraging that so many careers have such a wealth of job prospects in the years to come. The first step for being qualified to apply for a job in one of these career fields is to have the required education—typically a bachelor’s degree. If going to school full time isn’t feasible, you have options.

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