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4 Surprising Ways a Bachelor’s Degree Can Boost Your Career

An on-campus or online bachelor’s degree can give you the skills employers want.

When it comes to your career, pursuing a bachelor’s degree, online or on campus, is a smart move. Not only are you likely to earn more (on average about $1 million more in a lifetime* when compared with high school graduates’ earnings), you can also gain the knowledge and abilities that will help you get hired—and get ahead.

Whether you pursue an on-campus or online bachelor’s degree, a higher education can equip you with the skills today’s employers are looking for. From working on a team to prioritizing your tasks, we’ve rounded up four essential skills you’ll develop as an undergraduate that will help you land a job and build a career.

4 Surprising Ways a Bachelor’s Degree Can Boost Your Career

  1. Teamwork
    Pursuing an undergraduate degree—online or off—will train you in something you may not have thought of since high school sports: teamwork. As you earn your bachelor’s degree, you’ll find yourself working in teams and navigating the challenges that come with group projects. Thriving in a team environment is top-of-mind for today’s employers. It’s something that will get you noticed—and help you move up the corporate ladder.

  2. Prioritizing and planning
    The first thing you’ll do when you begin every college course is look at the syllabus. The next thing you’ll do is plan. From reading assignments to research papers, on-campus and online bachelor’s degree programs will teach you how to prioritize tasks and get them done on time. Just as they do in college, deadlines matter in the workplace. Employers want to know that you can prioritize tasks, plan accordingly, and meet goals—on time, every time.

  3. Communicating
    While you may or may not take a communications class while attending an on-campus or online university, earning an undergraduate degree can enhance your communications skills by leaps and bounds. From interacting with professors and classmates to daily assignments and presentations, you’ll regularly discuss diverse, complex topics. This translates to stronger communications in the workforce, something that helps get you hired and move ahead in your career.

  4. Decision making
    Business environments require the ability to make well-informed decisions. On-campus and online bachelor’s degree programs help you develop the critical thinking skills necessary to make sound judgments, often on tight deadlines. You’ll learn to see both sides of an issue and make decisions based on evidence, remaining open-minded and rational as you consider the facts. That’s something every employer wants.

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