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The Benefits of National Association of Qualified Intellectual Disability Professionals (QIDP) Certification

QIDP certification validates your expertise and shows potential employers you are committed to your profession

Earning a bachelor’s degree in human services with a concentration in disability studies is a good first step toward making the world a more accessible and accepting place for those living with disabilities.

But as with most careers, earning a professional certification in the field will validate your expertise and show potential employers you are committed to your profession. A professional certification can also increase your chances of career advancement.


Many Developmental Disability Professionals (DDP) choose to pursue Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) certification. Along with signifying competency, the National Association of QIDPs grants QIDP certification to help bridge the gap between academic learning and practical applications required on the job.1

QIDP certification provides the information, training, and resources needed to be successful in a range of developmental disability professions, including case managers and service coordinators. As part of the certification program, professionals will learn how to:

  • Support individuals with disabilities in the community.
  • Plan person-centered supports.
  • Work with families.
  • Understand guidelines for record keeping, behavior intervention, and program development and monitoring.
  • Design and implement positive behavioral supports.
  • Eliminate or decrease the likelihood of abuse.

While educational and experiential requirements vary by state, most DDPs seeking certification are required to have a bachelor’s degree in human services or a medical field and one year working with people who have disabilities.

Preparing for a QIDP certification

Walden University offers a BS in Human Services program online with a Disability Studies concentration. The concentration, one of seven available in the program, helps students develop the knowledge and skills required to work with adults and children who have disabilities. It also academically prepares students wishing to seek the National Association of QIDPs certification.

Walden makes it easy to get started. With our online curriculum, you have the freedom to complete coursework whenever—and wherever—you choose. And by earning your degree, you will develop skills that support people living with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities for years to come.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering a BS in Human Services program online. Expand your career options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.


Walden University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission,