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3 Courses You Might Take When Earning Your BS in Communication

Focus on the Digital Storytelling, Interpersonal, and Crisis Communication Skills Critical to Career Success

Communication skills are fundamental to many of the most dynamic and fast-growing fields in today’s job market. The Walden University BS in Communication prepares students for rewarding careers in marketing, advertising, public relations, journalism, business, and more. With so many options, it’s a great degree to consider if you want to be at the heart of a dynamic industry.

No matter your aspirations, three traits are critical to a successful communications career: writing with clarity, exceptional interpersonal communication skills, and being able to adjust quickly to the needs of the business.


To build these competencies, Walden communication degree students have a wide variety of options and might consider taking:

  • Digital Storytelling
  • Interpersonal Communication for Personal and Professional Success
  • Crisis Communications

Digital Storytelling

Great communication starts with sound writing skills. Today’s businesses have an ever-growing need for quality content to be used in blog posts, websites, and social media. With so many of our communication channels dedicated to the written word, digital storytelling skills are key.

In Walden’s Digital Storytelling course, students develop clear and effective writings that can be used across several digital communication platforms. Comfort with digital writing skills is essential in the modern workplace and enables students to deliver strong content throughout their careers.

Interpersonal Communication for Personal and Professional Success

In addition to written communication, verbal communication skills are highly desirable in today’s workplace. Employees must demonstrate savvy interpersonal communication skills in an array of situations, including one-on-one interviews, presentations, business calls or meetings, networking at conferences, and public speaking engagements. Adept interpersonal communication skills can help you stand out from the crowd and take the next step toward a managerial or leadership role. These skills also promote understanding and productivity in co-worker and client relationships, regardless of industry.

Analyzing theories and models, students in Walden’s Interpersonal Communication for Personal and Professional Success course learn practical concepts and skills to facilitate communication with others. Students study current theories and models of listening and verbal and nonverbal communication, and share feedback with peers while cultivating their own interpersonal communication skills.

In learning about different communication styles and affective and cognitive communication, students refine their own interpersonal communication through a series of weekly lessons and analysis. In the course’s final project, students work toward improving real-world work relationships by considering the needs, expectations, styles, and competencies of other communication partners.

Crisis Communications

The events of 2020 drove rapid shifts in so many different areas of business and life that the need for crisis communications took center stage. Whether the message revolves around negative press coverage, the poor state of a business, or the economic and political landscape, the ability to swiftly create clear, effective messages was key to businesses in all industries.

Walden’s Crisis Communications course explores successful and unsuccessful communication, taking into consideration the planning, speed, transparency, and approval chains crisis demands. As part of the coursework, students engage in designing and writing practical applications that mitigate and solve issues of crisis in public relations.

Additional Learning Opportunities

In addition to these highlighted courses, Walden’s bachelor’s in communication degree program offers online learning coursework in public speaking, as well as intercultural, marketing, and organizational communications.

If you’re interested in business communication, there are plenty of opportunities as well. While some enter the field with a business degree, a communication degree may better prepare you for the full breadth of opportunities available in digital media. With a bachelor’s degree in communication, you can gain the knowledge you need to work in a wide variety of communication jobs.

Walden University is an accredited institution offering a BS in Communication degree program online. Expand your career options and earn your degree in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life.

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