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Online Rapport: How to Build Trust Virtually

Being able to successfully conduct business online is a key business leadership skill.

Online business isn’t just big business; it’s essential business for any company that wants to succeed in the modern world. Not existing online is almost as bad as not existing at all. And yet creating a useful online presence can be difficult. Not every company knows how to build trust within the internet’s constraints. But those that do can truly profit.

Recently, online retail giant Amazon became only the second company in the world to be valued at over $1 trillion.1 And one of the main ways it has gotten ahead is by building trust. Maybe you have no intention of your company ever being as big as Amazon, but you can still increase your chances of success if you build trust online. Here are a few steps you can take to do that:


Design a Professional Website

If you want customers to believe your business is legitimate, you need a website that looks good and feels modern. For many companies, hiring a professional web designer is well worth the cost. And make sure to pay attention to the words as well. Bad grammar and/or clunky writing can make your business seem incompetent or low-skilled.

Pay Attention to Functionality

The design of your website is only the first step in communicating trustworthiness. You also need to pay close attention to functionality, making sure your customers can easily find information about your company and contact you if they desire. If your website has an e-commerce component, that too needs to be easy to use. Broken links or complex navigation can make customers question the quality of what you’re selling.

Offer Testimonials or Reviews

If you have satisfied customers, let other customers know by sharing testimonials. Likewise, if you’ve received a good review from a respected source, put that on your home page. Both of these can help demonstrate your legitimacy and build trust with prospective customers.

Be Active Online

When you drive by a store every day, it feels familiar, even neighborly. That’s a tricky feeling to evoke online, but being active on social media and regularly updating your website—particularly if you have a blog—can help make potential customers feel that you’re a legitimate and active part of the online community.

Have a Personality

You’re likely aware of the term “branding.” Well … it’s not just a buzzword. Giving your company a brand means giving it a unique personality that sets it apart from the competition. Having a personality can also help you build trust online, because it makes your business seem run by real people (which, of course, it is). For your online presence, use custom photography rather than opting for stock photography, and present your company and its story in an authentic tone. The more you can make customers feel like they’re doing business with real people, the more they’ll trust that you stand behind what you’re offering.

What Else Can You Do to Improve Your Online Business Skills?

From companies like Amazon to local stores just starting out, a strong online presence is a vital part of good business. Which is why, if you’re building a business career, you’ll want to make sure you understand how to create and maintain this presence. You’ll also want to earn a business degree, such as a BS in Business Administration (BSBA).

What can a bachelor’s in business administration do for you? For one, it can help you develop the business acumen and leadership skills you’ll need for a successful business career. For another, a BSBA degree can give you the kind of credentials that open doors at the best businesses. And the good news is, the same technology that’s fueling online business can also make earning a business administration degree more doable than ever.

Thanks to online education, you can earn your bachelor’s in business administration right from home. On top of that, most online business degree programs allow you to choose when in the day you attend class. This level of freedom is what’s making online learning such a popular choice for working adults like you.

The business world needs people with strong leadership qualities and an understanding of online business. With a Bachelor of Science in business administration, you can gain both.

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