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Test Your Knowledge: One-Minute Quiz for BSN Nursing Students

Take a fun, quick vocabulary quiz that covers some of the concepts you learn in nursing school.

The practice of medicine is full of words and phrases derived from Latin, Greek, and other sources. If you’re an RN looking to advance your nursing career with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN degree), you probably know a lot of medical terms already. But do you know them all?

Our one-minute quiz will test your nursing knowledge. Take a look at the seven words below and see if you can match them to the seven definitions that follow. Answers are at the end.

Test Your Knowledge: One-Minute Quiz for BSN Nursing Students


1. Aphasia
2. Bradypnea
3. Diaphoresis
4. Epistaxis
5. Hemoptysis
6. Orthopnea
7. Paresthesia


A) Coughing up blood from respiratory tract
B) Nosebleed
C) Ability to breathe only in an upright position
D) Impairment of language
E) Abnormal sensation of numbness and tingling without objective cause
F) Excessive sweating
G) Slow respiratory rate

How to Become a Nurse With Serious Career Potential

If you’ve completed an RN program, you know that becoming a nurse is about more than knowing vocabulary. It’s also about understanding how to relate to patients, provide treatments, manage resources, and behave ethically. In fact, so much is expected of nurses that the National Academy of Medicine wants 80% of the nursing workforce to hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing by 2020.*

If you’re considering moving from an RN to BSN, you may be worried that enrolling in nursing school and becoming a nursing student will take too much time away from your job. But thanks to online learning, earning a nursing degree is more convenient than ever before.

Through an online RN to BSN program, you can continue to work full time while you earn your BSN degree. That’s because unlike campus-based nursing programs, online nursing programs don’t require you to be on a campus or even attend classes at specific times. Instead, RN to BSN online programs give you far more flexibility. For instance, you can complete the majority of the coursework for an online nursing degree from home or from anywhere else you have Internet access. Additionally, when you earn a nursing degree online, you can attend classes at whatever time of day works best for your schedule.

Online nursing schools make it possible for you to advance your nursing career without taking time off from your career. Completing an online BSN program won’t just help you master vocabulary; it can help you become a better nurse with greater career potential.

Now, how did you do answering the questions? Find out!
Answer Key: 1: D; 2: G; 3: F; 4: B; 5: A; 6: C; 7: E

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*Nelson, L., Report: 80% Of Nursing Workforce Should Have A BSN by 2020,, on the internet at