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Walden News // Apr 27, 2021

Committed to Social Justice and Equality

Dear Walden Community,

Walden University Education for GoodIn addition to Walden University’s hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have an entire community across the nation and beyond that is feeling the effects of the trial of Derek Chauvin. George Floyd and his family have endured so much, and, even with the verdict, they will always mourn a grave loss.

The verdict sent a clear message: No one is above the law. Accountability is key to the foundation of our democracy, and the verdict was incredibly important to the values we share as Americans.

This pivotal moment happened because social change agents of all ages and across the country advocated for change. This is something we deeply understand at Walden, as social change is rooted in our foundation.

As a university community dedicated to a mission of social change, we have a shared responsibility to advance racial and social justice. We are united and stand together in solidarity for accountability, justice, and equality, and especially for the respect of every individual’s worth and dignity.

Our mission of social change is intertwined with a responsibility to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within our university and beyond. Walden will remain committed to addressing injustices in all its forms, and our community of social change agents will continue to make a difference and demonstrate the power of what it means to be part of a university that delivers an Education for Good®.


Dr. Ward Ulmer
Walden University