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Walden News // Jun 01, 2020

Walden University Donates 650 Tablets and 300 Learning Kits to Baltimore City Public Schools

Minneapolis—June 1, 2020—Celebrating 50 years of empowering the greater good, Walden University is continuing its mission for positive social change by donating 650 tablets, 300 learning kits and 80 backpacks filled with food and hygiene products to Baltimore City Public Schools. This is a part of Walden’s Mobilize for Good initiative, where ‘Acts for Good’ take place across the country to benefit local schools and their students.

“As teachers across the country adapt to online learning, many students lack the technological resources they need to learn,” says Dr. Ward Ulmer, president of Walden University. “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the severity of educational inequality, while shining a light on how passionate and determined teachers are to provide the best possible learning experience for their students. Walden University is immensely proud to help these Baltimore educators and students by donating tablets, learning kits and other resources to assist with their education.”

''PreK-8th grade students in need at Beechfield Elementary Middle School and Gwynns Falls Elementary School received either an Amazon Fire 7, Acer Iconia One 7 or Acer Iconia One 8 tablet. Principals and teachers from those schools distributed the tablets directly to students and their families. Additionally, 80 backpacks filled with food and hygiene products for students who rely on free or subsidized school meal programs were distributed to these schools.

“The tablets and resources Walden University donated gives the Beechfield community hope and makes our educators feel like their teaching isn’t in vain,” says Kelly Carideo, principal of Beechfield Elementary Middle School. “Our teachers are constantly looking for ways to make our students’ learning successful, and these resources will help our young scholars on their educational journey.”

''Through Improving Education, Walden provided Learning in a Box kits to PreK-2nd grade students at Maree G. Farring Elementary/Middle School, Curtis Bay Elementary School, Liberty Elementary School, Lakeland Elementary Middle School, Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School and Thomas Johnson Elementary School. The kits contain age-appropriate activity guides and books, as well as basic classroom supplies such as scissors, pencils, crayons, markers, dry erase boards, notebooks and construction paper. Learning manipulatives such as Play-Doh and Unifix Cubes were also included.

"One of our biggest challenges while planning and implementing distance learning was the significant number of our families and students who did not have access to home computers or broadband internet connections,” says Dr. Sonja Santelises, CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools. “Walden University’s generous donation will allow hundreds of City Schools children to stay connected and learning; it is another step toward eliminating the digital divide.”

Celebrating Walden’s 50th anniversary, the Mobilize for Good initiative launched in February 2020 in Tampa, Florida. Walden collaborated with three of its alumni in Tampa to perform Acts for Good to impact their communities. Lennard High School received five automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and CPR training. A community event was hosted at Howard Blake High School where $7,500 was donated to the Urban Teaching Academy, which helps create a pathway for black students to become teachers. Reddick Elementary School received a new outdoor interactive learning and play space, where students can garden and bring fresh fruits and vegetables home.

The next Acts for Good will take place in Washington, DC and Houston, Texas. To learn more about Walden University’s 50th anniversary and its Mobilize for Good initiative, please visit