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Walden News // Mar 28, 2012

Walden University Releases 2011 Demonstrating Accountability, Transparency, and Assessment (DATA) Project

March 28, 2012—Walden University’s Demonstrating Accountability, Transparency, and Assessment (DATA) project, recognized by the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) for its creative and transparent online communication of student outcomes, has released updated information for 2011 about the online university’s students and alumni, their opinions of the university and their eventual outcomes.

Walden began the DATA project as part of its ongoing commitment to provide open and transparent information about its students and outcomes. DATA includes information about who Walden students are, what they expect to learn at the online university and how they are applying this knowledge to advance their careers and effect positive social change. This year, the DATA project also surveyed employers of graduates in more detail, including their beliefs on the value of online degrees and graduates’ skills.

The 2011 DATA project includes results that Walden University gathered in 2010–2011 from current students, recent graduates, alumni and employers who responded to the university’s surveys. Highlights include:

  • Women are leading the way. Walden’s total student population is three-quarters female (77%), and women also represent 72% of students in undergraduate programs.
  • Walden students are satisfied with the university. Nine in 10 (91%) international students and 85% of U.S. students are satisfied or highly satisfied with Walden. More than four out of five students (82%) are satisfied with all or most of the faculty they’ve interacted with at Walden.
  • Students report that Walden’s programs are more labor-intensive than they expected. More than two out of five (44%) Walden students reported that the level of performance required to succeed in their program of study was more than they expected. Alumni also reported that the Walden curriculum was demanding (86%). Most students (96%) also reported the time commitment to be above or about what they expected.
  • Walden alumni report a direct impact on their careers. Nine out of 10 alumni report that the Walden curriculum was relevant to their daily life and work. More than half (57%) of the university’s overall graduates say that their Walden education has helped them change careers, 55% say that their Walden degree helped them get a promotion and 81% report that their Walden degree helped them receive a pay raise.
  • Employers value online degrees. A majority of employers of Walden graduates surveyed believe online degrees are equal to or more valuable than degrees earned in a face-to-face setting. Specifically, 58% believe they are equal, 5% say online degrees are somewhat more valuable and 6% report that online degrees are more valuable.
  • Employers of Walden graduates are pleased. More than 87% of employers of Walden graduates reported that they are satisfied or very satisfied with the Walden graduate employed at their organization. Almost all employers (98%) of Walden graduates surveyed say they would hire another Walden graduate.
  • Walden alumni are effecting positive social change. More than three-quarters (79%) of alumni report that Walden has helped them effect social change to a very great, great or moderate extent. Walden alumni also have a 64% average rate of volunteerism, compared to the national average among college graduates of 42%, and have trained others using skills or knowledge gained at Walden (60%), served as a mentor (67%) or served in a leadership capacity at work (71%).

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