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Spotlight on Walden // Sep 07, 2018

20 Minutes With Justice Alan Page

By Dr. Ward Ulmer, Interim President of Walden University

Before Walden’s 60th Commencement Ceremonies in Minneapolis, I had the honor of sitting down with our keynote speaker, Justice Alan Page. He’s had an amazing career playing in the NFL and being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After his football career, he went on to serve as the first African American on the Minnesota Supreme Court. He and his wife Diane also created the Page Education Foundation, which has awarded more than $14 million in grants to over 6,750 individuals.

Justice Page and I had a thoughtful conversation about a range of topics, including the challenges of balancing law school with family and playing in the NFL. He also shared his advice for educators, explained why diversity makes everyone’s experience richer and discussed how we can overcome obstacles that divide us. Justice Page even surprised me by saying that the highest honor he received wasn’t being named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player or being elected to serve on Minnesota’s highest court.

Watch my interview with Justice Page to find out what he considers his highest honor.