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Spotlight on Walden // Apr 05, 2016

Four Essential Apps for Students

More and more, students are turning to technology for note-taking, studying, scheduling, and yes, even relaxing, which is why we asked our faculty members to share apps they think may help students effectively balance their many priorities. Here’s what they had to say:

bookshelf icon

This ebook app gives students access to their textbooks on tablets or mobile phones, says Dr. Nicoletta M. Alexander, a faculty member in the School of Health Sciences. Students may also access books online and on their computers using Bookshelf’s software, which supports content from most major education publishers. Students’ notes or highlights automatically sync with their accounts, meaning they are visible regardless of the technology a student uses to access the platform.

Dropbox icon

Dr. Tracy Senstock, a program director in the School of Counseling, recommends Dropbox, a cloud-based storage and file synchronization tool. It stores photos, documents, and videos, which makes it easy for users to access content from all of their devices.

Quizlet icon

Started by a 15-year-old student for his high school French class, Quizlet enables anyone to study almost anything they want. The app and website provide free, user-generated study tools (think flashcards, games, and tests) for topics ranging from art history and engineering to health sciences and languages—or any information you choose to enter. “It’s especially helpful for the nurse practitioners while they study for tests,” says Dr. Patti Urso, nursing education coordinator for the School of Nursing.

Breathe to relax icon

Dr. Kevin Feisthamel, a faculty member in the School of Counseling, identified this portable stress management tool, which teaches relaxing breathing exercises. After learning how to “belly breathe,” users select calming background music and scenery like rain forests and sunsets. They then rate their stress levels and begin the exercises. This self-care app can help students make the most of their time by clearing their mind. —Allison Eatough