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Spotlight on Walden // Jan 23, 2015

#WU4GOOD: Advancing the Conversation on Social Change

Four years ago, Walden University released its first Social Change Impact Report with the purpose of contributing to and advancing the ongoing social change discussion and debate at local, national, and global levels. Every year, the research explores issues and trends impacting the current state of social change around the world.

Recently @WaldenU teamed up with @GOOD magazine for a Twitter party to discuss the future of global responsibility. More than 50 individuals and organizations from around the world discussed the causes and issues they care about, how they engage in positive social change, and why it’s important for them to be involved in positive social change.

Participants in the conversation also revealed how they have been surprised in their work toward positive social change, what they learned from other change-makers—younger or older—and what they think the future will look like if everyone works together for positive social change.