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Spotlight on Walden // Nov 22, 2013

Walden Management Students Share Insights From World Business Forum

Eight doctoral and master’s students from Walden’s School of Management were selected to attend the 2013 World Business Forum Oct. 1–2 in New York City at Radio City Music Hall. The students had the opportunity to hear global leaders in government, business, and economics discuss the latest business trends and the biggest challenges in today’s global marketplace. Among the world-renowned speakers at the World Business Forum were Gordon Brown, former prime minister of the United Kingdom; Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida; Clayton Christensen, professor in the Harvard Business School; and Jack Welch, former chair and CEO of General Electric.

Several Walden students shared their insights and key takeaways from their experience with Spotlight on Walden.

  • “My experience as an attendee of the World Business Forum completely altered my perspective on leadership, the future of business, and innovation. Clayton Christensen’s talk on disruptive innovation had a profound impact on my professional growth and the very way I go about conducting business every day. The differentiation between causality and correlation has changed my understanding of my customers and seeking solutions. New knowledge that the customer should not be the unit of analysis, but instead to seek the answers focusing on causality—why they do what they do—has allowed me to analyze my past success and revisit the challenges to learn, grow, and better predict future market trends.”

    Melissa Graham, Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), medical surgical account executive, Ecolab, from Shrewsbury, Mass.

  • “The human focus on business was evident to me from listening to some of the world's greatest leaders and speakers. Hearing firsthand that organizational leaders with strong values can drive business success provided reinforcement for me to keep value-based leadership as a key priority in business.”

    Pamela Gallagher, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), senior vice president and chief financial officer, Providence Hospitals, from Columbia, S.C.  

  • “To hear each speaker’s story, their take on economic issues, business approaches, and their optimism on how struggling economies could still overcome today’s turmoil, was absolutely inspiring. I noticed that at one point in their lives each one had an idea, each one felt the need to make a difference, and even though there was doubt and insecurity in their minds, they still pursued their dream no matter what the obstacles. I have felt the same way many times. I could tell that some of them were afraid of failure, just like I have been; and I realized that it is perfectly OK to feel that way, so long as we believe that fear is just a small feeling we must face and defeat.”

    Julio Hernandez, EMBA, president and registered tax accountant, Tax & Notary Services Inc., from Kissimmee, Fla.

  • “I noticed a couple of recurring themes throughout the conference. Every speaker discussed the importance of education in being successful and for improving the world in which we live; as individuals, as organizations, and as a nation. I found this very satisfying, being a student of Walden University. If there was one message that I would like to convey to anyone, young or old, it would be the importance of lifelong learning. I was also pleased with the genuine attention that all the speakers gave to the online learning environment.”

    James Minder, MS in Accounting, insurance company examination manager, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, from New Cumberland, Pa.