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Spotlight on Walden // Jun 25, 2012

A Professor Becomes a Community Teacher

Jason R. Willoughby is a lifelong learner. Not only is he a PhD in Management student at Walden, he is also a full-time instructor at Mid-Continent University in Kentucky. For him, educating others professionally and as a volunteer is a natural way to continue to learn as well as share his skills. “I love to teach,” he says. “It is a natural way to give back.”

Each week, Jason volunteers at a local school to offer instruction on subjects that include creative writing, chemistry, and math. “I teach my classes at the university the same way I teach the children: I’m very open. The kids enjoy a new outlook, especially on writing and literature,” he explains.

Jason is also active in his local church, where he serves as the public relations director. As a volunteer with the Paducah Cooperative Ministry program, he helps to spread awareness and promote involvement. Recently, he organized a long-term planning committee to measure the group’s regional impact on social issues like education, hunger, and meeting the needs of the homeless.

Through that work, he’s identified a new need in his community. Once he has completed his doctorate, he plans to offer continuing education classes to adults who would like to improve their résumés or work on basic math skills to prepare for new careers or take the GED test.

“Walden has given me the tools to give back to my community,” he says. “It is a true accomplishment to say I’ve volunteered and helped improve somebody’s life.”

Want to find an opportunity to volunteer in your community? Visit the new Walden Service Network, where you can locate opportunities to mentor, help clean up your local park, and other volunteer projects.