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Walden Magazine // Jul 20, 2020

Staying Safe. Staying Home. Staying Strong.

Walden University is no stranger to connecting many people across distances great and small. But even at one of the world’s top online universities, the stay-at-home orders that affected most of the world required some significant adjustments.

At Walden’s offices in Minnesota, Maryland, and elsewhere, the entire staff left their desks behind to isolate themselves in a familiar space being put to an unfamiliar use: their homes.

Finding Their Way

Questions abounded: “Where should I set up a work space?” “How do I work efficiently?” “How do I take care of my kids while working?” “How do I keep the cat off my keyboard?”

Unsurprisingly, Walden’s faculty and staff proved to be up to the challenge. Dining room tables became control centers. Slack channels lit up with communications. Parents balanced responsibilities with aplomb. And family pets became welcome visitors on video calls.

Most important, through it all, people were there for each other. Moving suddenly from an office to a home is challenging enough; adding in the uncertainty and strain of a national crisis made things that much more difficult. But from administration to finance to academics, our teams came together to lift spirits, provide support, and keep each day meaningful and worthwhile.

Thanks to the optimism, grit, and good natures of the faculty and staff, no one was isolated. Walden was together through it all.

From team meetings to virtual residencies, Walden staff and faculty kept spirits high.