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Walden Magazine // Feb 21, 2018

Letter from the President

John Kaplan

Dear Alumni,

It is with a great sense of gratitude that I write to you for the last time as Walden University’s president. As my tenure draws to a close, I reflect on the tremendous impact our Walden graduates have had on their communities, professions, and on the lives of those around them. Together, we achieved extraordinary milestones in academics, technology, and service—all of which blaze a pathway for Walden’s future.

During my time with Walden, I have seen our student and alumni communities grow in both numbers and in passion—and today our Alumni Association is 115,000 graduates strong. As our alumni, you have brought great honor to our university by advancing in your careers and becoming leaders in fields such as nursing, education, social work, and business.

By the time you read this letter, Dr. Ward Ulmer, a Walden graduate and devoted colleague, has stepped in as Interim President. I am confident that President Ulmer will use this new beginning to amplify our unique position as a vibrant community of change agents.

Alumni stories of perseverance and triumph have always inspired me, and the graduates featured in this issue deliver that steadfast thread of motivation. Walden does not ask its alumni for donations, but as we embark on new endeavors and experiences, I leave you with two simple asks to ensure that this great university retains its prominence:

  1. Help to advance our cause of social change by applying your knowledge to help your community.
  2. Commit to paying it forward and help a friend or colleague excel in their careers.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and work with you. It has been a privilege to lead this illustrious university and to be a part of the Walden story.

Sincerest farewell,

Jonathan A. Kaplan
2007–12, 2014–18