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Walden Magazine // Jul 14, 2017

Letter from the President

Bringing Walden to you

John Kaplan

Dear Alumni,

The heart of our Walden community is our global network of graduates—you, our alumni. And as we approach our 50th anniversary at Walden in just over 2 years, I am thinking more and more about the pivotal role you all play in advancing our mission of driving positive social change around the world.

With more than 113,000 graduates, Walden is currently investing in new initiatives and approaches to enrich your alumni experience and to reshape the way you engage with the university.

We’re finding new ways of bringing Walden to you.

Beginning with our academic headquarters in Minnesota, we are launching our first local alumni chapters in 2017. Other states and locations, such as Maryland and Georgia, will shortly follow. Your stories—much like the ones in this magazine—and your ongoing participation will continue to serve as our compass. We are excited to see and share how you expand the Walden influence in your hometowns and states.

We are also recognizing the great work of our Walden Ambassadors Network by creating a dedicated online platform to connect with one another, exchange advice and professional content, and advocate for the causes that matter most. If you are looking for the alumni leaders who work alongside us every day in the classrooms, at our academic and networking events, and in the local communities, you’ll find them here.

But we also ask for a commitment and contribution from you (no, it’s not financial). We ask that each of you remain vocal advocates for social change and for the work that we do collectively at Walden to advance social change. Nothing is truer to the Walden mission than the work you are doing as alumni. Be proud of your good work. And please become an Alumni Ambassador and help us establish an even stronger foundation for our next 50 years.


Jonathan A. Kaplan