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Walden Magazine // Jan 05, 2017

Why I Refer: Paying It Forward

Dr. Danette O’Neal is calling for new referral champions

Danette O’Neal

Once you've graduated, it's up to you to make sure the best students fill your seat in the classroom. When someone at work, home, or in your community mentions that earning a degree might be in their future, refer them to Walden to become the next generation of leaders. After all, social change begins with you.

It's been awhile since I earned my Master of Public Administration and my PhD in Public Policy and Administration at Walden, but 6 years later, I'm still talking about my experience.

As the owner of Danette O'Neal Realtors and a professor and curriculum developer for several universities, I’m blessed to come into contact with a lot of diverse and ambitious people every day. I never hesitate to tell them how Walden helped me come back from the life-altering events of Hurricane Katrina, and how I would not be as successful as I am today without that education. In fact, the ideas for my books—Money Matters 101 and newly released Kidpreneur 101—were inspired by my work in my Walden curriculum.

I challenge you as alumni to reach back and refer new students to our alma mater. I don't wait for people to ask me about it—there is always a way to work it into the conversation! Just think of what Walden did for you and what it could do for someone else.

I pay it forward because I want to see our community of scholars and changemakers continue to grow and strengthen. As alumni, we have the opportunity to help someone take the next step in the greatest journey of their lives. There is no better investment than that.

Referral Tips

Dr. O'Neal has been our referral champion for years, sending friends, family members, students, and colleagues to Walden for their degrees. Why not be the next big advocate for referring others to Walden?

As one of our more than 100,000 alumni, you have the power to effect change in the lives of countless others who are looking to further their education. Share your story with them, and refer them to Walden today.

Connect colleagues, family members, friends, and mentees to an Enrollment Specialist by calling 1-866-492-5336.

Go beyond mentioning Walden in conversation. Share this magazine, , and our social media profiles.

Send names of future students to us via so we can thank you.

Highlight your Walden education in your LinkedIn profile, and be on the lookout for contacts who are seeking opportunities to advance their careers.