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Walden Magazine // Jan 27, 2016

From the Field: Answering the Call

“I didn’t realize until I was sitting with President Obama that the decision that I made—and the decisions we made as a group—changed not only healthcare in the United States, but healthcare globally. He wanted to know what we learned from the experience because he was about to deploy the troops. I didn’t realize he was going to use our insights to review policies and some laws.

“We have to make social change feel attainable. When it was something big, it was scary. It was just one small decision that I made. It doesn’t take much. Sometimes it just takes doing your job and applying the foundation. Once you dig down and see your potential, then things are attainable.”

Crystal Johnson ’14, an MSN graduate, is the 2015 Outstanding Alumni Award winner. She was honored for her courage and leadership as one of the first healthcare professionals to treat Ebola patients in the U.S. at Emory Hospital.