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How It Paid Off: From Teacher to District Supervisor

Learn how an alumna uses the skills she learned while earning her doctor of education to influence her school district.

Dr. Eloise Denise Stewart.

Dr. Eloise Denise Stewart.

NAME: Dr. Eloise Denise Stewart ’11

DEGREE: Doctor of Education

TITLE BEFORE MY DEGREE: English teacher in the special services department at Randolph High School in New Jersey

TITLE AFTER MY DEGREE: Supervisor, Special Services for Hillsborough Township (New Jersey) Public Schools and an adjunct faculty member at Fairleigh Dickinson University

HOW MY DEGREE HELPS ME MAKE A DIFFERENCE: I believe all students can learn. In my new role, I am using my research findings to encourage educators, program developers, and researchers to try multisensory reading programs that allow struggling readers to use their hands, eyes, ears, and voices to understand and internalize what is taught. They don’t just sound out words—they use hand motions to indicate syllables or sense of touch to trace the word. It makes all the difference to learners who have, in the past, been counted out.

WHY I SHIFTED FROM TEACHING TO ADMINISTRATION: As a classroom teacher, my impact was often confined within the walls of my classroom. As an administrator, I can help create opportunities beyond the classroom. I stay connected to the teachers and make a personal effort to meet with the students and listen to what they need, even though I’m working throughout the district.

BIGGEST BENEFIT OF EARNING A DEGREE AT WALDEN: The focus on social change really struck a chord with me. Walden gave me the chance to do research that I could use to truly make a difference, and it has helped me advance my career.

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