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Walden Magazine // Jul 09, 2014

Why I Refer: A Family Affair

An alumna explains why she’s such a strong Walden supporter.

Anthony and Kimberly Price

Anthony and Kimberly Price

NAME: Kimberly D. Price ’05

DEGREE EARNED: MS in Education

CURRENT POSITIONS: Third-grade teacher and after-school extended learning program coordinator at Love T. Nolan Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia, and University of Phoenix online faculty member

LAST YEAR, YOUR HUSBAND EARNED HIS MBA FROM WALDEN. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO REFER HIM? While I was attending Walden, he’d see my excitement as we’d talk through my assignments, how attentive the professors were to my needs, and how I used my coursework to improve my teaching. He was earning his B.A. from another online university and was not having a great experience. When he transferred, he became excited about what he was learning and was thrilled to find similar support from his professors and other students.

WHY HAVE YOU ALSO REFERRED MORE THAN FIVE COLLEAGUES? One of my assignments required me to assess students, determine where they struggled, and try suggested activities to support their learning. I saw the difference I made in my classroom, and I shared my experiences with my colleagues. As an educator, I feel my colleagues and their students benefit from having teachers with advanced degrees from Walden because of how applicable the coursework is to the classroom.

HOW HAS YOUR FAMILY CHANGED NOW THAT YOU’VE COMPLETED YOUR DEGREES? The gains my husband and I have made by pursuing our degrees have been life-changing. We’ve accomplished goals we never thought we could—and we’re only getting started. Our next goal is to earn our doctorates at Walden.

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