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Walden Magazine // Jan 01, 2014

From the Field: Leading a Nigerian Oil Project

An alumnus shares how the leadership skills he learned at Walden equipped him to manage an oil project.

man standing on pipes


“The Odidi oil production facilities were abandoned in 2007 by Shell in response to the Niger Delta crisis, which began in the late 1990s. I recently helped assess the facilities’ status as part of the inspection crew. Our team’s goal is to work with our partner to develop a greenfield while protecting the community and the environment. We want to be fully operational by 2015. You need leadership and teamwork to execute and complete this type of multimillion dollar project. Thanks to Walden, I have the skills that equip me to succeed. The courses I took helped me improve my technical and managerial skills and develop a better approach to problem-solving. As a result, I’ve been given more responsibility, which gives me tremendous confidence.” — As told to Claire Blome

— DAVID ESHEMITAN ’12 is an MS in Engineering Management graduate and a senior facility engineer at Sinopec International Petroleum Company of Nigeria (SIPEC)

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