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Walden Magazine // Aug 26, 2013

Faculty Excellence Award Recipients Announced

September 2013—The Faculty Excellence Award is a college-level award that recognizes outstanding Walden University faculty members who exemplify the university’s core values of quality, integrity, and student-centeredness.

The award recipients for 2013 are Dr. Faisal H. Aboul-Enein, College of Health Sciences; Dr. Debra Rose Wilson, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences; Dr. Raghu B. Korrapati, College of Management and Technology; Dr. Lulu Williamson, College of Undergraduate Studies; and Dr. Beate Baltes, The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership.

College of Health Sciences: Dr. Faisal H. Aboul-Enein
Georgina Ugochi Njoku, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) student, nominated Dr. Faisal H. Aboul-Enein:

“Dr. Aboul-Enein encourages his students to be the best they can be. He participates in our postings, challenges us to think outside the box, pays attention to our work, and shows us how to improve. Most importantly, he provides us with the opportunity to call on him night or day if we have questions about our coursework. He has made us feel as though he has a huge interest in our learning and has showed us the best way to succeed. He is an excellent instructor. He not only improved my educational performance, he also extended my existing knowledge, skills, and experience in my profession. Finally, he has helped all of his students understand how to contribute to positive social change in our various fields, communities, and specialties. Dr. Aboul-Enein exemplifies Walden’s commitment to social change.”

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences: Dr. Debra Rose Wilson
Dana Marie Dillard, a PhD in Psychology student, nominated Dr. Debra Rose Wilson:

“Dr. Wilson fills a unique niche in distance education: She creates an environment in which her students feel valued, challenged, and capable of achieving more. At residencies, Dr. Wilson meets with each student, validates students’ work, and shares her passion for the difference that students are capable of achieving. She makes the dissertation process seem doable, even in the face of self-doubt and adversity. Dr. Wilson promotes the lessons she teaches by demonstrating to students how they can live the social change they are trying to create. Because of her mentorship, I have achieved more than I could have imagined. With her guidance, I have earned publications, a teaching assignment, certification as a holistic stress management instructor, and, most importantly, the confidence to know that I can achieve what I set out to achieve through willpower, positivity, and determination. Her words and work made me proud to belong to the Walden community.”

College of Management and Technology: Dr. Raghu B. Korrapati 
A faculty member in the School of Management, nominated Dr. Raghu B. Korrapati:

“During more than a decade of service at Walden University, Dr. Korrapati has mentored and taught a long list of outstanding students. He has a rare gift of personally connecting with students while at the same time never relaxing standards of academic excellence. He demonstrates his commitment to student-centeredness in all of his actions. One of the things I would like to stress is that Dr. Korrapati has encouraged and helped many of his students present their dissertation work in numerous national and international conferences. This should be an example for all of us at Walden.”

College of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Lianne Williamson
Dr. Laurel Walsh, the general education coordinator and a faculty member in the College of Undergraduate Studies, nominated Dr. Lianne Williamson:

“Dr. Williamson has taught and provided mentorship to faculty and students throughout her development of the B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies program at Walden. As one of the two core faculty members in that department, her curriculum development and vision have made the program a cutting-edge offering. Dr. Williamson’s honesty and authenticity allow connections to form with her students; she fosters a collaborative environment where students feel heard. Through her connections with our international sister schools, she cultivates global opportunities for undergraduate students, faculty, and staff. A few examples include an international teacher exchange; online study abroad programs with successful visits to China and Europe; and partnerships with Laureate International Universities network to deliver cultural competency skills. By continuing to seek opportunities for global expansion, Dr. Williamson has elevated Walden’s visibility.”

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership: Dr. Beate Baltes
Dr. Kelley Walters, a faculty member in The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership, nominated Dr. Beate Baltes:

“Dr. Baltes is inspirational to her students, who look to her mentorship and wisdom to help guide them through the doctoral experience. She is the kind of teacher you want to study with; she is generous with her knowledge, time, and expertise. Students look to teachers to inspire, guide, care, share, kindly remind, and steer their educational experiences. Dr. Baltes is the epitome of an excellent teacher. As a faculty member, the highest achievement is often helping another scholar reach his or her goals. Dr. Baltes has also used her knowledge and experience to benefit the field of education through many publications and presentations, spanning a vast range of topics. She shares research and best practices with other educators through ongoing volunteerism, professional development, and presentations. Dr. Baltes continuously makes superior contributions to her students, her colleagues, and the Walden community.”

About the Award
The Faculty Excellence Award is a college-level award, recognizing outstanding Walden University faculty members who exemplify the university’s core values of quality, integrity, and student-centeredness. Eligible nominees for the award must have two years of service to Walden University. Recipients demonstrate mentoring and teaching excellence, service to the university, service to the community and to organizations, and scholarly contribution to their disciplines.

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