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Walden Magazine // Aug 01, 2013

Why I Refer: The Opportunity to Pursue New Directions

An alumna shares how her degree shaped her role as a researcher.

Dr. Maritza Soto.

Dr. Maritza Soto.

NAME: Dr. Maritza Soto ’93

DEGREE EARNED: PhD in Applied Management and Decision Sciences (now a PhD in Management)

CURRENT JOB: Full-time professor at University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras, practicing attorney, and notary public

HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT WALDEN? A colleague, close friend, and fellow alumni, Dr. Albith Colon ’92, recommended Walden. My two sons were in elementary school and working in manufacturing was taking a toll on me as a mother. I had been thinking about earning a Ph.D. and going into teaching but studying in a traditional setting was impossible because I couldn’t leave the workplace.

WHAT DID YOU TAKE AWAY FROM THE PROGRAM? I learned to research everything. Since earning my PhD, I have conducted many projects that contribute to my profession and my community. For example, I’ve conducted research about women in the workforce, specifically in Puerto Rico. Currently, I’m researching human resources practices in family businesses. I’m passing my research skills on to my students, and I’ve also been able to integrate distance learning for my students because of my experience at Walden.

WHO HAVE YOU REFERRED TO WALDEN? I refer friends and family because Walden offers an excellent opportunity. My son Bryan Ortiz is a bachelor’s student now. He had been studying in a traditional setting, but he couldn’t do that along with a full season as a NASCAR driver, which is his dream. He’s very happy with Walden because he is able to manage his career and obtain his degree.

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