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Walden Magazine // Aug 01, 2013

Connections: Cultivating Lasting Relationships

LeVar C. Trice ’11 explains how networking with alumni and students is a natural habit he developed as a student.

LeVar C. Trice. Photo credit: Paul Fetters.

LeVar C. Trice.
Photo credit:
Paul Fetters

When LeVar C. Trice ’11 isn’t engaged in U.S. Department of Defense work in Springfield, Va., guiding his team to ensure the integrity of security-clearance decisions, he’s often networking with alumni and students around the globe.

As a Walden Alumni Ambassador, Trice connects with prospective students in person, by phone, and via email, answering questions and providing insight. Everything he does is simply an extension of the collaborative environment he found at Walden, he says.

“Group projects were great opportunities for team building; we were able to bounce ideas off each other and work together,” he says. Through these projects, the MS in Psychology alumnus formed lasting connections, frequently continuing to communicate with his classmates after a project was completed.

Because of those experiences, Trice makes a point to reach out to current students. “I’ve helped students through their first year,” he says of the support he’s lent via Facebook. One had questions about thesis and capstone options. “She wanted to get a head start,” Trice recalls. “I shared information about what to expect when preparing and writing the capstone and assured her that she would be fully prepared to handle the task.”

He encourages all alumni to give back. “I had such positive experiences at Walden. I’m enthusiastic about sharing them with others,” he says. “You’ll connect with graduates and students in different careers and share a powerful mix of comments, responses, and reactions.”

Staying connected has mutual benefits; Trice is also interested in determining his next step. “I still reach out to my peers, particularly an alumna who started a Ph.D. program at Walden,” he continues. “I’d like to obtain my doctorate at some point, and Walden is at the top of my list because of experiences like these.”

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