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Walden Magazine // Jan 01, 2013

Letter From the President

A January 2013 message from the president of Walden University.

Cynthia Baum

You’re one of more than 61,000 alumni. Successful graduates from Walden work in organizations around the world and share your dedication to positive social change. Are you tapped into this incredible community of lifelong learners?

I bring up this remarkable statistic as a reminder: Reach out to connect with fellow alumni, not only to further your career, but to continue your professional development, conduct new research, serve your community, and mentor others who are looking for advice and support.

You can meet one graduate who is staying connected on page 16. Dr. Patrick Burtch is mentoring students and continuing the research he began at Walden. You can also read, on page 18, the stories of four alumni whose experience at Walden gave them the knowledge and confidence to be “disruptive innovators” and use novel insights to change their institution or industry for the better.

As alumni who embody the scholar-practitioner model, you are prepared to make a disruptive innovation of your own. By combining what you’ve learned at Walden with your life experiences and collaboration with other alumni, you can make an even greater difference. Reconnect today at


Cynthia G. Baum, PhD