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Walden Magazine // Jan 01, 2013

How It Paid Off: From Data Collector to Readiness Leader

Learn why one alumnus received increased responsibilities and recognition from senior leadership.

Angelo Orlanes. Photo credit: Ever After Photography.

Angelo Orlanes. Photo credit: Ever After Photography.

NAME: Angelo Orlanes ’09

DEGREE: BS in Business Administration

TITLE BEFORE MY DEGREE: Senior analyst at Kaiser Permanente, Greater Southern Alameda County, California

TITLE AFTER MY DEGREE: Accreditation, regulation, and licensing consultant at Kaiser Permanente

HOW MY DEGREE HELPS ME MAKE A LARGER IMPACT: I now have a solid foundation in business and am more confident. In my current position, I coordinate survey readiness activities for our hospitals and other healthcare services. These surveys ensure Kaiser Permanente meets joint commission standards, an accreditation that allows Kaiser to receive federal funding for Medicare and Medicaid patients, and make sure we meet all state laws. My interactions with leadership have increased in this role. I meet monthly with directors, nurse managers, and occasionally the chief operating officer about regulatory visits, survey readiness, risks, and vulnerabilities.

BIGGEST BENEFITS OF EARNING A DEGREE AT WALDEN: I’ve received two promotions along with increased responsibilities and recognition from senior leadership. I’m also setting a standard for my children. It’s an expectation now for them to go to college. The message I continually deliver is that one should never stop learning. I believe that education opens doors.

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