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Walden Magazine // Jan 09, 2012

Extraordinary Faculty Award Recipients Announced

September 2012—The Board of Directors established the Extraordinary Faculty Award to recognize annually a Walden University faculty member from each college who demonstrates the university’s core values of quality, integrity, and student-centered instruction.

The Extraordinary Faculty Award recipients for 2012 are Dr. Alan Seidman, The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership; Dr. Alice Denomme Gobeille, College of Management and Technology; Dr. Greg Hickman, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences; Dr. Jody Early, College of Health Sciences; and Dr. Diana L. Tucker, College of Undergraduate Studies.

The Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership: Dr. Alan Seidman

Cindy O’Riley and Jacinda Thang Pich, PhD in Education students, nominated Dr. Alan Seidman:

“As a teacher, Dr. Seidman exemplifies differentiation in instructional practice. When working as a group, he monitors dialogue, hones in on student confusion, and brings out the best in each of the group members. He has a natural ability to focus the group. He is a teacher who facilitates learning through open and honest communication with his students.”

College of Management and Technology: Dr. Alice Denomme Gobeille

Timothy Anyiwe, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) student who nominated Dr. Alice Denomme Gobeille, wrote:

“Dr. Gobeille’s excellence took on a new dimension when she facilitated two Foundations courses concurrently. She initiated a track development plan that helped students write small segments of their doctoral studies each week. She promptly reviewed papers and was phenomenal in providing insightful guidance. She had students self-review their work using Grammarly, Turnitin, and other tools in The Writing Center. Her efforts enabled students to experience a seamless review from their doctoral study committees.”

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences: Dr. Greg Hickman

Deiedre Wright, a PhD in Human Services student, nominated Dr. Greg Hickman:

“As a mentor, professor, teacher, and instructor, Dr. Hickman can be labeled as the complete package of academia. Through the years I have had him as an instructor, he has ensured I am comfortable with the subject matter and fully understand a concept before moving forward. He also encourages students to assist each other in the learning process. The attribute that sets Dr. Hickman apart from the rest is that he is aware that people learn differently. Having that knowledge makes him a more effective mentor, coach, and teacher.”

College of Health Sciences: Dr. Jody Early 

Dr. Kourtney Nieves led the team of faculty members who nominated Dr. Jody Early: 

“Dr. Early embodies the spirit of Walden in the classroom. Her passion to educate students is discernible to all who have the opportunity to see her in action. Although she expects nothing less than a student’s best effort, she is there as a coach and mentor. Dr. Early encourages her students to look deeper and shows them how the concepts in the textbook come to life and will be applicable to their careers. She is never afraid to reach out to students who are struggling and lend a helping hand. I have witnessed numerous students seek her out at graduation to thank her for being there for them during their program of study even when they were no longer in her class. It is this tireless commitment to our student body that makes her so deserving of this award.”

College of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Diana L. Tucker
Dr. Jon Paulson, the program director for general education and a faculty member, nominated Dr. Diana L. Tucker:

“Dr. Tucker is an energetic and effective teacher. She has been a creative leader in finding ways to assist and engage students, for example, by leading the development of targeted hand-outs that address specific communication and writing skills. COMM 1001 is the largest multisection undergraduate course and one of the required first-term courses for all students. Dr. Tucker has worked hard with her faculty to find ways to make this course increasingly accessible to students. She continues to seek ways to help students become more effective communicators as well as successful students. In short, her work has gone beyond her own classrooms and provided a model for all teachers.”

About the Award
The Extraordinary Faculty Award is given annually to recognize outstanding Walden faculty members (one each from college or school) who exemplify the university's core values of quality, integrity, and student-centeredness. Faculty may be nominated by current students, other faculty and alumni.

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