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Walden Magazine // Jul 01, 2012

Meet a Future Graduate: David Solot

Walden University student David Solot reveals the rewards of empowering employees.

David Solot

PROGRAM: PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Organizational Psychology

WHERE I WORK: I’m the director of client services at Caliper, a global human resources consulting firm that advises more than 28,000 companies on the best practices for hiring, employee development, team building, and organizational development. I manage the group of people who interpret the personality assessments for our clients and advise them on hiring and development decisions.

WHAT MY ORGANIZATION THINKS ABOUT WALDEN: My manager and other senior leaders have commented that they are impressed I’m finding a way to earn my PhD while handling a very hectic schedule. It wouldn’t be possible without the flexibility provided by Walden’s online environment.

WHAT I WANT TO RESEARCH: I believe people lead more fulfilling lives when they feel secure in their jobs and make positive contributions through their work. For many people, this feeling comes from a sense of empowerment. I hope to demonstrate that empowering employees and treating them with respect has long-term rewards for the organization.

WHAT I’VE LEARNED SO FAR: I have a background in clinical psychology, which means I was used to working with patients rather than providing advice to business clients. My education has helped me be more effective in matching people with career opportunities and helping companies develop their employees. Since I work in the field I am studying, I get to apply what I learn every day. I see myself becoming more and more effective as my knowledge increases.

WHAT I PLAN TO DO AFTER GRADUATING: With my PhD, I will be even more effective in the work I do for Caliper. I hope to train the members of my team to understand the best practices for hiring and work with my clients to develop top performers. I plan to continue researching employee empowerment and offer a lecture about the benefits of an empowered workforce.

WHAT INSPIRES ME: I am continually inspired by how happy people are when they are doing a job they love. I truly believe we can structure work so everyone has that opportunity.

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